The oxygen of low-pressure boiler corrodes problem and countermeasure
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3, the main factor that influence oxygen corrodes

1. Shui Zhongrong sees the regulation in the GB1576-85 of water standard of chroma our country of oxygen, the boiler of actuating pressure ≤16kg/m2, the content of dissolved oxygen must ≤0.1mg/L; ) of ℃ of actuating pressure 16kg/m2100, corrode in order to avoid oxygen. Actually, the economizer that sets in our country standard gave water temperature to had satisfied this, what need points out is, set out from the point of view that prevents oxygen to corrode, 95 ℃ should cancel in the standard / the hot water boiler of 70 ℃ parameter.

4. flow rate should consider the impact that flow rate corrodes to oxygen when boiler is designed, give an optimal value thereby.

5. runs a side (1) assures deoxidize adequately implement moving effect, in order to reduce the dissolved oxygen in water; (2) reduces systematic leakage rate as far as possible to hot water boiler, reduce filling water amount of the system thereby, had better make filling water quantity controls the 0.5% less than that measure in systematic loop water; (3) sets appropriate and effective deflate plant in the circulatory system of hot water boiler; (4) strengthens water quality processing and laboratory test supervise, time press requirement blowdown.

6. stops furnace to because maintain,maintain not good at or do not maintain, stop what furnace condition falls to corrode often fall than running state more serious. Accordingly, had done stop furnace to maintain the job is one of efficient ways that prevent oxygen to corrode. Normally short-term stop furnace to use wet maintain law, stop furnace for a long time to use dry maintain law. The place on put together is narrated, should do good above adequately only 6 jobs, oxygen corrodes a problem to will surely get restrain or be overcominged.

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