The water of coal mix into that boiler economy runs
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Water of coal mix into

Proper moisture is joined to be able to improve combustion efficiency in coal, water of the mix into in coal is when 8%-10% , have profit of highest boiler benefit.

(one) physical action:
1. The coal that boiler combustion place uses, it is fine coal and lump coal mixture commonly, among them fine coal occupies 80%-90% above about. Below this kind of circumstance, if can be mixed equably,add some of moisture content appropriately, strengthen fine coal fines reunite force, fine pink is OK by thick change, form bigger grain strong; And the surface of coal piece also because add water hind by wet, easily felt fine pink, coal fines also is equal to be changed by lump. Well-known, granuality (3-25 millimeter) the most comfortable Yu Ran burns lump coal, after because this contains the coal of a large number of fine pink,be being changed by grain, meeting well upblaze. Fine pink both neither is flown to by raise, also do not leak fall, or fly away rarely or leakage falls, be equal to the weight that added combustible to pledge, increased calorific amount thereby, improve boiler efficiency.
2. Because fine coal is thick,grain shape changes after changing, the accumulation proportion of coal fired can be achieved the smallest, the coal-bed porosity on furnace platoon is opposite bigger, facilitate even and ventilated, can raise furnace coal thereby light degree, as a result improves the economy that boiler runs apparently.
3. The vaporization of moisture also can loose coal-bed, make the space of coal-bed expands, more benefit at ventilated, aggrandizement burns.
4. Can lengthen coal moderately to enter the dry time of initial stage of the chamber of a stove or furnace, book volatilizes qualitative quick with deferring; If can defer the brim that nears combustion area, volatilize be sure to be lighted in high temperature place, be over heat energy release.
5. Vapor can increase the radiation exothermic strength of blaze and flue gas, because what can produce powerful radiate effect is in in blaze,have carbon dioxide and vapor only (they can raise blaze blackness) , the radiation action of other combustion gas is very small.
6. Can slow down coal-bed is beyond the mark anxious form function. Proper moisture content is contained in coal, coal can experience area of oxidation of a low temperature in combustion process, it has better broken stick action. Consequently, anxious form function can be reduced partly.
7. Can adjust the obstruction of the coal-bed on furnace platoon. What some thermal stability differ is anthracitic, when the chamber of a stove or furnace is entered first coal-bed resistance is low, when until begins to burn, automatic pine breaks and make because of coal again coal-bed obstruction dash forward strong, as a result affects combustion. If coal mix into has proper branch store in coal-bed space, can make obstruction of the place that enter coal is increased, avoid wind-force from forehead prediction of a person's luck in a given year. In the future, can reduce coal-bed resistance again, facilitate ventilated. Be helpful for furnace so even cloth wind asks on the platoon.
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