The water of coal mix into that boiler economy runs
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(2) chemistry: Although do not have an advantage,water of the mix into in coal increases to caloric, but catalysis and agency effect can have in process of combustion chemistry reaction. Book completes the combustion process of coal with quickening, because this has important real sense. The place on put together is narrated, count the cost. Water of mix into of coal fired of OK and sufficient specification has profit to improving the combustion efficiency of boiler, but mix into water should measurable, hold coal with the hand soft group can be become after unlocking, it is appropriate.
2, flaming stability: Should make coal burns in chain furnace complete, in order to obtain optimal economic benefits, the stability that holds combustion position is very important, the condition that maintains combustion stability is: (one) the chamber of a stove or furnace should have enough tall lukewarm
Should make coal reachs his to be able to be lighted have flaming opportunity character and combustion is complete, must maintain not under its ignition temperature. That is to say, not allow to make them enter lower than ignition temperature place before burning. Otherwise, can follow flue gas completely to be discharged namely without burning in falling into ash bucket, cause loss of flaming heat energy.
(2) should have enough combustion time
The combustion process on furnace platoon can divide coal for 4 phase, namely dry paragraph, dry distillation paragraph, burn paragraph, grey broken bits paragraph, combustion needs 20-100 about minute linger for long to just can be lighted. For this, want to make coal (include to volatilize cent and coke composition) light completely in the chamber of a stove or furnace must have following requirement: (1)
The size of cubage of proper the chamber of a stove or furnace of space of the chamber of a stove or furnace, must ask by design standard, according to cubage of the chamber of a stove or furnace hot intensity is chosen. (2)
Proper furnace discharges length: The length that chain furnace discharges, differ as the size of boiler nominal capacity, should preferential it is advisable to be 5000-6000mm. In furnace platoon briefer case falls, to reduce the combustible in ash, achieve the demand with boiler good combustion, can adopt leave an a few measure: Must use black-eared kite iron or block broken bits implement; Adjust coal-bed ply and the length that furnace discharges at any time according to bear size; Or discontinuous stop furnace platoon to move etc.
(3) the air with ample air supply right amount supply is combustion mix completely stable requirement. Air is overmuch, a meetings drop temperature of the chamber of a stove or furnace, affect flaming stability; Increase smoke evacuation loss second. Conversely, empty tolerance is too small, can make coal is burned so that do not appear again, increase loss of mechanical incomplete combustion. According to coal fired combustible, the admeasure of wind force is very important, edge furnace platoon leader spends way, use section to match wind, and direction of edge furnace width, should maintain furnace to discharge exterior wind speed to agree equably.
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