Of circular fluid-bed boiler move
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Circular fluid-bed boiler is close come a few years in the world new a kind of arisen furnace, its combustion technology is the major shake-up of pair of vintage boiler, commonly two return glassware, namely two outside buy type tornado returns glassware and two the chamber of a stove or furnace inside inertial return glassware, make ‘ fuel is mixed in the chamber of a stove or furnace return circular return circuit is made between glassware, after furnace of new fuel person, with ton liquefaction condition participates in combustion. One, the examination before ignition is started and preparation 1. Check all valve, apposition at following predicament (1) advocate after switch of steam valve classics experiments, shut, advocate steam valve by-pass valve is shut. (2) gives head path a powerful person, water supply by-pass valve is shut. Recycle a powerful person shuts economizer (when boiler needs to sail upstream) . (The blowdown of 3) each header, mixture header turns on the water a powerful person, successive blowdown 2 a powerful person, the accident turns on the water a powerful person is shut. Fixed blowdown total a powerful person, successive blowdown open of a powerful person. (4) superheater exports header drain valve, advocate open of the drain valve before steam valve keeps apart the door, drain valve of superheater population header is shut. R (5) vapour and boiler water sampling a powerful person, drum adds drug open of a powerful person. (6) drum is all the gas a powerful person of fluviograph, water a powerful person all open, turn on the water a powerful person is shut. (All 7) pressure express one, open of 2 a powerful person. (Does 8) guide steam valve reachs drum air valve? Superheater is right open of the empty a powerful person that discharge steam. 2. With concerned personnel connection, had made following preparation (watch of 1) subsidiary engine member: Pump of the water supply that start sails upstream for boiler. (The member that 2) heats up labour watch: Each appearance throws working status. (3) electric watch member: Electric equipment power transmission. (4) assay watch member: Quality of assay boiler water. (5) fuel watch member: Give the coal on hod. 3. Boiler sails upstream (1) sails upstream use bate water, temperature must not exceed 90. C. (If 2) already had water formerly inside boiler, need the ability after classics assay is eligible to use. (When 3) boiler sails upstream, should take by-pass valve to boiler water supply. (4) is sailing upstream in the process, should check boiler drum manhole, aperture of each market case, each flange, valve, whether to have leak appearance, when discovering leak, answer to stop to sail upstream instantly, processing hind sails upstream afresh.
(To fluviograph normal water level is in on 5) boiler water, should stop to sail upstream, water level should be maintained changeless, if water level drops, should prove a cause, give eliminate. (Before 6) is rising anger, must open economizer recycle a powerful person, so that make during rising anger,economizer forms boiler circulation. 4. On footing (1) starts coal machine to carry footing the chamber of a stove or furnace, servantchoose a person for a job next labour rolls out footing, thick 400~50Omm, carry coal the chamber of a stove or furnace again, the height that coal always should observe in coal process is avoided stem card of coal machine mouth gives coal chance to death. (2) rolls out coal equably about 10Omm is thick, start next bring fan, blower undertakes making the same score expecting, the leeway of smooth makings should achieve 8000 Pa. 2, ignition is started 1. Ignition warms up (the preparation of the member that 1) boiler ignition should do good person, stock works. (2) opens economizer recycle, the examination returns glassware to put grey door to whether be shut, other all preparation work whether be in order: . (3) starts oil pump, open oil path recycle, use ignition of light diesel fuel. (4) is started bring fan, blower, maintain send wind to leave degree make an appointment with 15~20% , hold light a fire of small liquefaction condition, adjust oil gun, , make oil gun blaze covers igneous bed 2/3. Start fan 2 times, open degree of 35% . (5) increases bring wind, send wind, maintain negative pressure, send wind to leave degree about 35% , wind pressure achieves 6000 Pa above, open lard gun to undertake warm-up, observe footing temperature ascendant condition, adjust fuel injection quantity to make warm-up time is in about 60~80min. (After 6) warm-up, reduce send wind to open degree of 25%~30% , begin to warm up make an appointment with 5~80C/min. Observe the chamber of a stove or furnace and footing condition, 30min rises to 500. C left and right sides. (7) reduces fender sending wind 2%~3% again, make temperature of the chamber of a stove or furnace elevatory deflagrate, discover footing and temperature of the chamber of a stove or furnace are urgent rise suddenly, at this moment rapid open sends wind fender, if temperature achieves 1000. C left and right sides still has the situation that rise to be able to leave to bring wind greatly, send wind to be reached 2 times hold wind, coal chance is started when temperature rises no longer, use coal to adjust temperature, oil gun is shut after temperature is stable.
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