The classification of boiler
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Can set out to undertake classified to boiler from different point of view:
1, the state branch that flows in boiler by flue gas: Conduit boiler, shell boiler (fire is in charge of boiler) , boiler of combined-type of extreme misery canal
2, the means branch that sets by drum: Vertical boiler, horizontal boiler
3, divide by utility: Life boiler, industry boiler, utility boiler
4, divide by medium: Boiler of steam boiler, hot water, soda water is amphibious boiler of boiler, organic hot carrier
5, by installation means divides: Install boiler, shop-assembled boiler, field-assembled boiler quickly
6, divide by fuel: Coal fired boiler, oil fired boiler, gas fired boiler, more than heat boiler, report adds boiler of heat boiler, raw material
7, divide by boiler circulation: Natural loop, compulsive loop, mixed cycle
8, divide by pressure: Often press boiler, low-pressure boiler, middling pressure boiler, high pressure boiler, extrahigh voltage boiler
9, divide by boiler amount: Odd drum boiler, double drum boiler
10, be in surely by combustion boiler interior or exterior cent: Boiler of internal combustion engine, outside boiler burning type
11, evaporating character by labour means of going from place to place can be divided wait for boiler of natural circulation boiler, compulsive circulation boiler, dc.
12, classify by production level: Class of class A, B, C class, D class, E class (the pressure that presses production boiler is divided)