The job of boiler
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Boiler parameter is the main index that shows boiler performance, include temperature of pressure of boiler capacity, vapour, vapour, feed water temperature to wait.
Boiler capacity can use rated capacity or the largest successive capacity expresses. Rated capacity is to be below formulary outlet pressure, temperature and efficiency, the vapour of the serial production inside unit time is measured. The largest successive capacity is to be below formulary outlet pressure, temperature, the vapour of the can biggest serial production inside unit time is measured.
Vapour parameter includes the vapour pressure of boiler and temperature, if do not have superheater and reheater,be the overheat vapour pressure that points to exit of superheater, reheater and temperature normally, point to the saturated vapour pressure of boiler exit and temperature namely. Feed water temperature is the temperature drinking water that points to economizer, when having economizer, show drum takes water temperature namely.
Boiler can undertake classified according to different method. Boiler can be divided by utility for industry boiler, utility boiler, marine boiler and engine boiler; Can divide by boiler outlet pressure for low pressure, middling pressure, high pressure, superhigh pressure, inferior critical pressure, exceed the boiler such as critical pressure; Boiler can divide boiler of the canister that it is fire, fire to be in charge of boiler and conduit boiler by the method of going from place to place of water and flue gas, boiler of canister of its medium baking temperature and igneous pipe boiler close again call shell boiler; Can divide by circular means for natural circulation boiler, auxiliary circulation boiler (enforce namely circulation boiler) , dc boiler and compound circulation boiler; Press combustion means, boiler cent is room light furnace, layer to light furnace and boiling furnace to wait.
In steam system respect, water supply heats in heater after constant temperature, conduit of classics water supply enters economizer, heat to send drum later further, the edge after mixing with boiler water drops tubal be issued to lower levels imports header to water-cooling wall. Water absorbs heat of radiate of the chamber of a stove or furnace to form soda water mixture to be in charge of via rising inside water-cooling wall canal in arriving at drum, make water, steam detached by water separation device. The saturated vapour that depart comes out flows toward superheater by drum upside, continue the overheat steam that absorption of heat makes 450 ℃ , send toward turbine next.
In combustion and respect of smoke wind system, blower sends air intake air heater to heat to constant temperature air. In grinding coal machine by the coal fines with certain and fineness wear, by the one part that comes from air intake air heater hot air carries classics burner gush enters the chamber of a stove or furnace. The coal fines with ejective burner and air mixture are in the chamber of a stove or furnace mix combustion with the hot air of the others, emit a large number of quantity of heat. The order of hot flue gas after combustion sheds classics the chamber of a stove or furnace, coagulate after broken bits check, superheater, economizer and air intake air heater, repass dust collector, eliminate among them flying ash, finally by bring fan to send toward chimney to discharge to atmosphere.
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