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other heat energy change becomes other labour qualitative heat energy, the facility that production provides the work of parameter and character is simple calls boiler. Combustion facilities in order to offer good combustion condition, in an attempt to can release the ground of chemical energy utmost of fuel and heat energy of its translate into, heat water make hot water or steam machinery equipment. Boiler includes boiler and stove two much, of boiler formerly justice it is to point to the container flourishing water that heats on fire, furnace is the place that points to combustion fuel. The hot water of the generation in boiler or vapour can be production and life to provide the heat energy of a need directly, also can be mechanical energy through changeover of vapour power plant, or repass dynamo is mechanical energy changeover electric energy. The boiler that provides hot water calls hot water boiler, basically use at the life, there also are a few applications in industrial production. Generation steam boiler calls steam boiler, call vapour generator again, chang Jian calls boiler, it is the main component of vapour power plant, multi-purpose Yu Huo power station, shipping, engine and industrial and mining enterprises.

One, the development of boiler

The development cent boiler of boiler and furnace two respects.
On 18 centuries half leaf, the steamer that British colliery uses, the earlier steamer that includes watt inside, uses vapour pressure is equal to atmosphere force. Leaf of 18 centuries second half converts the vapour of pressure of prep above air. 19 centuries, commonly used vapour pressure increases 0.8 million handkerchief to control. Suit with this photograph, the earliest steam boiler is the shell of vertical of form of big diameter cylinder of a Cheng Shui, convert later horizontal shell, make a fire in body of heater of build by laying bricks or stones of brick of shell lower part.
Do bigger more as boiler, to raise be heated area, the canister that hold fire is added in shell, make a fire in igneous canister front, flue gas comes out from the back of igneous canister, the flue platoon that adopts bricky step is opposite to chimney of shell exterior heat, call igneous canister boiler. Begin to install canister of a fire only, call boiler of only anger canister or Kang Ni to make boiler, add two fire canister later, call boiler of double fire canister or Lan Kaixia boiler.
Controlled 1830, be produced in what mastered high grade steel tube and bilge fire appeared to be in charge of boiler after providing a technology. Piping outfitting of a few fire is in shell, form the main heating surface of boiler, fire (flue gas) had flowed inside the canal. In shell put waterline to go up with remove theatrical makeup and costume as far as possible much igneous pipe, temper is lighted to be in charge of boiler outside calling horizontal. Its metallic cost amount is inferior, but the put oneself in another's position of build by laying bricks or stones with very large need.
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