Burn gas - vapour combines circular beyond heat boiler and analysis of its influ
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In order to burn gas - in combining a loop, vapour removes a connecting link between the preceding and the following the more than heat boiler of main effect is research target, from introduced more than heat boiler on the whole all sorts of type, discussed the heating power characteristic of more than heat boiler, analysed all sorts of influencing factor of more than heat boiler.

Key word: Combine influencing factor of type of circular beyond heat boiler

Since reforming and opening, our country economy had the development of advance rapidly, also accompanying the igneous quantity of our country the sources of energy to use up at the same time. For this, the sources of energy uses up the requirement with huge electric power efficient to generation set, energy-saving section to rise ceaselessly. Expand a demand to suit, generate electricity tall, environment pollutes efficiency to burn gas smally - vapour generates electricity to get popularizing applying gradually circularly jointly. Burn gas - vapour is to will be inside gas turbine circularly jointly the high temperature exhaust after acting sends more than heat boiler, heating surface of more than heat boiler absorbs the quantity of heat of flue gas to produce steam, again vapour infuse steam turbine, drive rotor roll, drive a dynamo to generate electricity. Of the stand-alone power as gas turbine and thermal efficiency rise, burn gas - vapour also had great progress circularly jointly: Burn gas - early oneself exceeds the power supply efficiency that vapour circulates jointly 50 % , striding to 60 % . In burn gas - in vapour combination circulatory system, more than heat boiler is having the main effect of a connecting link between the preceding and the following, its performance is very great to the influence of whole system performance.
Type of 1 more than heat boiler
As the ceaseless development that circulates jointly, more than heat boiler is on type as a child model to large development, design construction is ceaseless by simple Xiang Fu miscellaneous transfer, the form tends gradually diversification, boiler efficiency also gets promotion ceaselessly.
The power that uses according to boiler circulation place is different, can divide more than heat boiler to circulate naturally more than heat boiler is mixed compulsive loop more than heat boiler two kinds. Natural loop difference of density of steam of support of more than heat boiler, water forms boiler circulation, to make boiler circulation stable, safe, the resistance with the simple work inside the canal should be less, the pipe with consequently thicker need and have bigger drum. This means metallic cost amount to increase, the water air with boiler larger presence asks and thermal capacity, heat is inertial bigger, extended the starting time of boiler, when bear changes, the thermal stress with easy larger generation [1] . Accordingly, a kind of this more than heat boiler suits to be in bear works below stabler operating mode. Compulsive loop pump of loop of support of more than heat boiler makes the system is versed in qualitative loop flows, but pump wants additional use up result, reduced whole system efficiency. In be applied actually, level can be started to use circular pump to build stable boiler circulation first in boiler, shut circular pump after the system is stable, rely on natural loop means to undertake soda water circulates, this is so called complex formula more than heat boiler. In addition, still have a kind of dc more than heat boiler, namely water supply enters heating surface to form vapour directly below pump action derivative, cancelled boiler circulation. The biggest characteristic of this kind of boiler depends on doing not have drum, water air asks to be reduced considerably, heat is inertial and abate, improved what boiler changes to bear to answer function thereby. But, it is taller to the water quality, material, requirement that run.
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