3 water chestnut weigh dynamo of wind-force of labour desire increase production
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According to Japanese media coverage, 3 water chestnut are versed in the decision enlarges productivity of wind- driven dynamo again. Arrive before 2011, make produce per year ability to be made an appointment with than rising now 7 into, be equivalent to 800 large and wind- driven dynamoes, year generate electricity 2000 million are made of baked clay.
3 water chestnut are versed in the plan is in again 201 1 expands the sale of wind- driven dynamo 400 billion yen before New Year. It company of TPI of plastic big company produces the aggrandizement fiber that the main part “ wind- driven dynamo large lamina ” entrusts the United States.
Heavy industry of 3 water chestnut is in Mexico to surprise at present the made of baked clay made of baked clay city, large blade that produces wind- driven dynamo with TPI company jointly owned. But the demand of because the United States is right wind- driven dynamo expands quickly, together with is full-length 45 meters large lamina line-haul is difficult, TPI company will build new plant in Canada, in order to improve pair of Canada home and market of wind- driven to American north dynamo supply capacity.
It is reported, the new plant of TPI will be built in the southern part that mid Manituoba saves Canada, new plant plans at building before the bottom 2010, build total investment to make an appointment with yen of amount to billion, annual large lamina makes an appointment with producible wind- driven dynamo 1000.