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The enterprise is construction managing model social main body, construction is managing model the society cannot leave construction managing model the participation of the enterprise. Our country enterprise wants with as far as possible little resource is used up achieve the biggest economic benefits and social beneficial result, construction is managing model manufacturing mode and consumptive pattern, walk along content of “ science and technology good, resource uses up tall, economic benefits to be able to last what low, environment pollutes advantage of resource of little, manpower to get developing ” adequately the new-style industrialized road of development.

Leave traditional economy, take the route that expands circular economy

Managing the sources of energy, improving energy efficiency is to solve environmental problem, enhance economic competition ability and the crucial factor that ensure the sources of energy is safe, it is to carry out what can develop the strategy continuously to optimize a choice. Since reforming and opening, our country energy-saving job gained huge success, year all fractional energy savings ranks world front row. But, our country still has very big difference in respect of specific power consumption of unit production value and developed country, energy-saving difficulty also is compared want 20 years before big.

Want those who achieve economy to be able to develop continuously, among them an important way and significant step are development loop economy. Circular economy is to show source of as a way of is managing use the economic form that is a feature with the loop, also can call resource loop economy. It is OK to expand circular economy energetically from go up at all resource of change our country is excessive use up and the situation with environmental serious pollution, it is the inevitable alternative that our country implementation can develop the strategy continuously. Relatively the circular mode that the fundamental operation pattern of circular economy is ” of renewable resources of → of product of → of “ natural product, enclosed and nonlinear type economy mode, it can realize “ finally low consumption, low discharge, the target of low pollution ” .

Circular economy is opposite of at traditional economy character. Traditional economy is the mode of linear economy progress that discharges ” one-way flow to be main feature with contaminant of ——— of litter of ——— of product of “ resource ——— , expression is “ two tall one low ” , namely tall use up, low use, tall pollution, it is the pattern that cannot develop continuously. Circular economy is the economic progress mode that is a feature with ” of product of ——— of renewable resources of ——— of product of “ resource ——— , expression is “ two low one tall ” , namely low consumption, low pollution, high utilization rate and tall loop rate, make corporeal resource gets sufficient, reasonable use, reduce economic activity to the influence of environment as far as possible small degree, it is to accord with the economy that can expand a principle continuously to develop pattern.
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