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Use state explicit order falls into disuse with can equipment perhaps manufactures technology, instruct disuse by the department that runs energy-saving job, confiscate what national explicit order falls into disuse to use can equipment; The clue is serious, can offer an opinion by the department that runs energy-saving job, apply for approval the limits of authority that provides according to the State Council instructs a class people government to close down is rectified or be shut. Spread energy-saving new mechanism energetically

To urge our country the development of energy-saving job undertakes, the energy-saving new mechanism that establishs market economy to fall is imperative. Our country is passed carry out a series of law laws and regulations, establish energy-saving and special program, make and carry out urge tax of energy-saving technology, economy, wealth and administrative policy, the research that encourages energy-saving technology, development, set an example with promotion, introduce and absorb advanced and energy-saving technology, strengthen policy and the measure such as energy-saving major project, meanwhile, it is active still among the enterprise build and carry out energy-saving new mechanism, promoted energy-saving work effectively begin.

Energy-saving new mechanism should be a foundation with market mechanism. Energy-saving new mechanism contains rich content: Build energy-saving information to release a system, release information of domestic and international of all kinds specific power consumption, advanced energy-saving technology and administrative experience in time; Carry out integrated resource program and management of power demand side, guide resource reasonable configuration; Drive energetically energy-saving product certification and can effect label runs a system carry out, guide user and consumer to buy energy-saving model product; Carry out contract the sources of energy to manage, build energy-saving investment to assure mechanism, promote energy-saving technology to serve systematic development; Pursue energy-saving and voluntary agreement.

Current, in a lot of and energy-saving new mechanism, our country is mixed in energy-saving product certification can the job of effect label respect gained greater success, what get international society is bigger approbate.

Energy-saving product certification is the standard related the basis and technical requirement, issue certificate of energy-saving product certification and energy-saving mark via orgnaization of energy-saving product certification affirms and be being passed, prove some product is the activity of energy-saving product. Energy-saving product certification uses freewill principle.

Because its have the merchandise with good performance of directive consumer preference, enhance business market competition ability, improve a product in the round function and raise an enterprise to last, the action of the product ability that stabilizes production to accord with a standard ask, so the country is advancing the product certification of our country actively to work about the branch. Product certification uses the rich with managing our country to protection, reasonable development, construction is managing model the society has important sense.
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