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Implementing system of energy-saving product certification is one of market of normative and energy-saving product, important ways that raise the sources of energy to use efficiency, got the height of world each country takes seriously. According to " People's Republic of China is managing energy law " and " Chinese energy-saving product certification runs way " concerned regulation, the enterprise is OK the principle with freewill basis, to China center of energy-saving product certification offers application of energy-saving product certification, after classics center affirms, obtain letter of energy-saving product certification, be in product or its wrap mount to use energy-saving product certification to indicate. Energy efficiency label is to be added in with can the label of a kind of information on the product, use at showing the performance of the sources of energy of the product, be consumer buy decision-making provide necessary information, with guide and helping consumer preference can the product with more expensive effect.

To strengthen energy-saving managing, drive energy-saving technology progress, improve energy efficiency, our country came on stage 2004 " energy efficiency label runs way " , the mark is worn can effect label system is built formally in our country. This method sets, big to energy-saving latent capacity, use face uses the country widely can the product implements system of centralized energy efficiency label. The country is made and announce " the catalogue item that People's Republic of China executes energy efficiency to mark " (the following abbreviation " catalog " ) , integrate applicable product certainly can style of label of efficiency of effect standard, executive regulation, energy and norms.

Every includes " catalog " product, ought to be in product or the product is the smallest the clear position that pack tags unified energy efficiency to mark, explain in product manual. Little knowledge energy resources is metric management

National level stipulated metrological implement of company energy resources deploys the principle with management, these principles are the enterprise builds the sources of energy the basic basis of metric system, the company energy resources that builds according to this standard is metric system, can satisfy the requirement of statistic of economy of national energy resources, contented company energy resources runs the requirement that analyses a system, the base that executive energy cost runs.

Company division energy is enterprise statistic source of report period internal energy is real wastage and the difference that press gross of calculative of more fiducial value.

The energy consumption statistic of the enterprise is to point to systematically collect arranges metric data and information, build perfect the sources of energy to use up Zhang of original record, statistic, stage and economic accounting, reflect the whole work of the process of activity of the sources of energy and its rule according to the facts. Statistic of company energy resources is the serious content that company energy resources manages, the main basis that energy resources of seasonable staff company plans, it is governmental supervisory industry the reasonable use the sources of energy, foundation sex that has audit of the sources of energy works. The content of statistic of company energy resources includes: Of fuel into, annul, keep original record; The treatment of the sources of energy changes a record; Key bad news can equipment is original the record.
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