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Energy-saving monitoring is the form that the government has energy-saving supervisory government, its are final the purpose is the energy management that asks the enterprise improves him, improve with can state, raise the sources of energy to use efficiency, reduce pollution of environment of the sources of energy. Basis " general rule of the energy-saving technology that monitor " regulation, energy-saving monitoring is the code that shows basis country concerns managing the sources of energy (or industry, place sets) with energy level, to using can the supervisory examination that the sources of energy of the unit uses state institute to undertake, test and evaluation work.

The government undertakes the basic jumping-off place of energy-saving supervisory management is: The sources of energy is a kind of merchandise that can have free trade not only, and it is in short supply society natural resources, the overspend of one part person and waste are used will the potential benefit of use the sources of energy of someone else of enroach on society, enroach on is whole interest of security of economy of the sources of energy. Because this government must be used to the sources of energy,undertake behavior is carried out superintend. Current, energy-saving monitoring is our country government undertakes energy-saving supervise, the most efficient way that gets the sources of energy to use information. Electromotor

Managing using phone is energy-saving the serious content that reduces a platoon. To the enterprise, electromotor is equipment of main bad news phone. Electromotor serves as the motivation of all sorts of equipment such as fan, water pump, compressor, machine tool, be applied extensively at each domains such as industry, commerce, national defence, public facilities. Be in our country, the has occupied a society to always use n with n 60% above of electromotor.

Of level of dynamoelectric function effect rise managing to managing the sources of energy, environmental protection and capital will tell all have important sense. Improve the moving efficiency of electromotor, the basiccest method is reasonable choose and use motor, decide optimal run mode, reduce the energy loss of electromotor. When choosing electromotor, the type that should choose electromotor above all and power reach all sorts of technology parameter, make it works steadily.

In actual production, to achieve the goal that raises manufacturing efficiency and managing energy, must choose systematic configuration correctly. System of electromotor frequency control basically includes asynchronous electromotor, transducer, operating ring section, load and main transfer machinery, when choosing electromotor, should consider load of drive motive instrument and the electric machinery size that make its quicken place to need not only, still should choose corresponding electric machinery to defend according to producing an environment grade.

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