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Resource conservation and protective environment, of the personal interest of relation people and the Chinese nation live development, it is every citizen's obligatory responsibility and obligation.

To gain ground and increase broad worker knowledge of energy-saving environmental protection, drive 915 ” of national “ the implementation of the energy-saving target that decrease a platoon, according to the State Council " action of the energy-saving the whole people that decrease a platoon implements plan " spirit, decision of countrywide federation of trade unions begins “ in countrywide worker I am energy-saving decrease a platoon to do contributive ” activity, will regard worker of “ whole nation as ” of month of the energy-saving activity that decrease a platoon in March, countrywide worker will be begun during activity of contest of knowledge of energy-saving environmental protection.

Aim to arouse extensively all worker is participated in jointly energy-saving decrease platoon and protective environment, raise resources environment consciousness, enhance sense of urgency and sense of responsibility, make every every every worker, family, unit acts actively, make from every little bit, make from the thing of in one's power, produce the broad worker resource conservation, enthusiasm that protects an environment, initiative and creativity adequately.

To coordinate activity of this knowledge contest, our newspaper opens column of ” of lecture of knowledge of “ energy-saving environmental protection to 22 days from Feburary 19, propagandist country is energy-saving code of environmental protection policy, popularize knowledge of energy-saving environmental protection.

" countrywide worker is energy-saving contest of environmental protection knowledge " examination questions will be in Feburary 29 " the Workers'Daily " publish, the “ that the answer consults to 22 Japan the newspaper was opened on Feburary 19 please is energy-saving content of column of ” of lecture of environmental protection knowledge, please reader attention.

The development all without exception of human society civilization is to rely on the sources of energy to serve as a foundation. People is in the basic necessities of life in daily life is to cannot leave the sources of energy more, of standard of living raise aggravate ceaselessly we are right the dependence of the sources of energy, more and more electric home appliances

In the past, we often accept such education: Our national vast territory and abundant resources, products is rich. But, we have huge population at the same time, average per capita of all sorts of groovy energy natural resources have an amount far under world level. Concerned data shows, natural resources of water of our country average per capita has an amount only 2163 stere, for 1/4 of world average level; Petrolic reserves of average per capita is inferior also what these …… information show to us the sources of energy is not to take is endless, those who use not of exhaust, managing the sources of energy, reasonable using the sources of energy is we build the comparatively well-off society, inevitable approach that takes the route that can develop continuously. The sources of energy of energy current situation of our country is the base that human Lai Yisheng retains, our country is having the world system of the 2nd great energy resources. What have no before energy demand, the rate that outclass GDP increases increases quickly, coal, report, oily, carry is comprehensive and nervous, entrance oil increases considerably. Front of energy supply and demand is facing grim challenge: Resource of average per capita is relatively insufficient, specific power consumption of average per capita is low and specific power consumption of unit production value is tall, burn coal to cause serious air pollution in great quantities.
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