Xining closes down contaminative boiler
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Town of city of Xining of province of Qinghai of report from our correspondent east the area is built and public security of combination of environmental protection bureau, fire control, sanitation is supervised wait for a branch to comprise combination to execute the law group, execute the law personnel pulled down Xining city town east the switch of box of distribution of room of the boiler inside area gold guesthouse, affixed a paper strip for sealing on distribution box. Cause guesthouse inside fuliginous model boiler quits movement, chimney also stopped to risk black smoke.

That day, execute the law jointly the group is fuliginous to be being used inside area under administration model pollute boiler and with all sorts of reason shuffle, protracted, adopt coercive measures without any units that transform measure up to now. Those who have 19 units is fuliginous model boiler is closed compulsively to stop. City east the area is fuliginous model boiler processing transforms an unit in all 96 (116) , up to now, already finished fuliginous model boiler transforms have 51. According to introducing, branch of Xining city environmental protection begins punish from last year fuliginous model boiler, to amounting to the unit of mark, make known to lower levels deadline rectifies and reform advice note, supervise and urge for many times again later they are transformed, but partial unit with all sorts of reason shuffle, environmental protection branch closes compulsively stop these fuliginous model boiler.