Boiler is energy-saving: Clean out in fire " gold " new task
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Smooth city has each type boiler at present south nearly 2000. If these boiler save the coal of 10 % , can burn coal of 550 thousand tons of mark less one year, cut down expense nearly 500 million yuan of ——

“ boiler does not use those who heat water namely, pass processing first even with water? ” this is course of study of Na Pinglong Sen Mu Guan Gaobin of limited company general manager a doubt last year. Like Guan Gaobin, a lot of enterprises
Advocate, still you and I can have such doubt, ” of this “ colossus is seeing boiler be like in burning coal commonly to burn water process, actually still a lot of secrets need us to explore and master.

Boiler basically burns coal, coal of a ton of standard (5000 kilocalorie control hair quantity of heat) the steam that can produce 6 tons. As special type equipment, must accept legal safety to examine, what emphasized in the past is safety moves, but boiler is high cost at the same time can large family, the whole nation is close the coal of 2/3 is be used up by boiler, if had been done energy-saving the article that run, in the sources of energy in short supply and price violent wind rises today, meaning You Xianchong is mixed greatly pressing.

Equipment of the special type that occupy a province examines Dong Jian of director of orgnaization of service of technology of Na Ping branch department introduces, at present each type boiler has Na Ping city nearly 2000, basically be industrial boiler, develop as industry, the rate that boiler amount influences every year with 8 % increases by degrees. Smooth city energy resources is in short supply south, boiler coal fired basically transfers into from the and other places outside the province. According to statistic, 2007, whole town boiler year quantity of total cost coal makes an appointment with coal of 5.5 million tons of mark to control (include to light wood chip equilateral horny makings convert becomes standard coal) , at present the average thermal efficiency of boiler is made an appointment with only 55% , and design standard is 70 - 80 % . Quite the boiler of one part proprietor of an enterprise is energy-saving consciousness is thin, some is economic production cost, do not invite boiler technology administrator, energy-saving management system is diseased, moving phenomenon of small effect of boiler high cost is common.

Dong Jian thinks, if can move to manage and run the make an issue of on the technology from boiler, make boiler moves managing 10% coal, so whole town is annual will managing coal 550 thousand tons, by at present coal of every tons of mark is calculated 900 yuan, will direct managing 495 million yuan of RMBs.

Nearly 500 million yuan giant and inviting number, how to clean out “ gold ” to save from fire come down?

Knot 1 millimeter large scale, be about to burn fuel more 5 %

By last year, the boiler that branch department makes the same score to have routine to company of Long Senmu estate south province spy check is legal examine, after giving boiler “ check-up ” , discovered by with water undeserved caused furring problem.
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