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Inner Mongolia wind energy is resourceful, occupy the 40 % of total natural resources of our country terrestrial wind energy about. Company of group of electric power of source of dragon of Chinese state report is our country's at present biggest wind-force generates electricity enterprise, installed capacity has broken through wind report 1.8 million kilowatt, rank in the whole world the 6th. Recently, the reporter goes to Inner Mongolia, survey the electric field of a few wind that company of group of electric power of source of dragon of Chinese state report is in Inner Mongolia.

  Personal feel wind electric heat

◆ " but law of second birth energy " after coming on stage, the whole nation is arisen wind electric heat

◆ only Inner Mongolia builds and in the wind cable that build outfit machine already amounted to 240 much tile

The reporter was June the middle ten days of a month comes to Inner Mongolia. Going from Huhhot on the road of Ba Yan nub, the reporter sees several heavy-duty trucks that pulling wind phone equipment, the Long Yuan that asks a person of the same trade (Ba Yan nub) wind-force generates electricity the total accountant Laochen of finite liability company, these cars are Long Yuan. He looks carefully to say afterwards, “ is not us. Before some year of Inner Mongolia of the report that get wind with respect to our Long Yuan, and two this years at least has a few companies, wind report competes at a draught intense. ”

The station is below the fan with 55 meters tall electric field of wind of nub of dragon source Ba Yan, personal feeling gets prairie the wind June is very driving, at least has 5 class. The reporter asks defend a when be here young vise general manager, calculate today do not calculate fresh gale day. This comrade that comes from Xinjiang says lightly: It is normal that “ is belonged to, do not calculate big. Reckon every typhoon machine exerts oneself today should can achieve 80 % to control. ”

The north wind of Beijing is blow from Inner Mongolia come over. Will to Inner Mongolia just know, 45 class wind is common occurrence here. Plus Inner Mongolia person many less, a few kilometers do not see a person to about a hundred kilometer very, construction wind report is really so advantaged.

Wen Xuting of director of center of news of group of Chinese state cable tells a reporter, " but law of second birth energy " after coming on stage, each generate electricity enterprise but outfit machine must occupy second birth the sources of energy to go up newly the 3 % of aircrew. And generate electricity in wind report, solar energy, raw material generates electricity in waiting for new energy resources, wind cable technology is the most mature, move relatively simple also, want to wind can generate electricity only, because this whole nation is arisen wind electric heat. And in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang the area with these wind- driven resource, resourceful land, wind report is built more concentration.
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