The energy-saving spot that decrease a platoon meets province boiler be held in
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The energy-saving spot that decrease a platoon meets boiler of Liaoning province industry was held in the our city on September 17, the conference of 14 cities watched Liaoning north on behalf of the spot boiler of company of plumbing of heat addition of steelworks of limited company of chemical industry of China abundant special type, n is energy-saving the circumstance that decrease a platoon; Island of n, Shenyang, Tie Ling, calabash 4 cities can be handed in in the spot shed boiler experience of the energy-saving work that decrease a platoon.

The our city belongs to the heavy industry city of omnibus development, it is provincial bad news can one of large family, whole town has coal fired boiler 2447. This year May, the province installs division courtyard and n special check place is opposite jointly the circumstance undertook the specific power consumption of boiler of 112 boiler room of the our city investigate, the result makes clear, most industry boiler is actual thermal efficiency bottom Yu Yuan designs efficiency 15% the left and right sides. For this, use unit of supervisory bureau of city quality technology and boiler signed boiler of industry of coal fired of “ n city ” of shape of responsibility of target of the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon, the organization began 54 boiler energy-saving transform, processing of 540 boiler water amounts to mark activity, obtained certain result. Company of group of chemical industry of Liaoning China abundant is energy-saving after decreasing a platoon to transform, boiler efficiency was achieved 71% .

The spot is met on, the industrial boiler that province and country pledge the leader of inspect total bureau evaluated an our city highly is energy-saving the job that decrease a platoon.

(reporter Xiu Zhijiang)