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Innovation leads treasure to become develop continuously
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Innovation leads treasure to become continuously development

Visit the sources of energy of Xi'an traffic university and dynamical project institute to teach Zhang Yan to seek

“ treasure becomes the evolution of the group, say friend adequately the soul that own innovation is an enterprise, exert oneself innovates independently, it is the strategic center that science and technology develops, it is the powerful fulcrum ” that realizes an enterprise to develop qualitative leap. This is the reporter was interviewing the sources of energy of Xi'an traffic university and dynamical engineering recently a paragraph of word that when courtyard professor, Shaanxi saves Zhang Yan of vice-president of association of pressure vessel of boiler of vice director of safe production committee of experts, Xi'an to seek, says.

Chapter often the teacher that treasure lays into group president Dong Jun, mention Dong Jun is unripe, happy event of a respectful form of address for an old person must close not approach mouth, he says cheerly, in my teach career of 50 years, one's pupils or disciples alls over the world, handsome best show is when be born in the school, after moving toward a society justice it is a child that is worth pride very much.

This year the autumn, the chapter often becomes a group the 6th times to treasure. It is for the first time Spring 2000, handsome survival is in place of boiler of town work bureau to accompany my Lai Baocheng when minister of foreign affairs in those days, the boiler product that treasure becomes is in moderate level. In an instant a few years, treasure develops coal fired, fuel early or late into the group, light the product such as gas 28 series, more than 520 breed, among them 39 win award of class of province, city, project of 38 scientific research wins national patent, 3 win award of national emphasis new product, 5 win award of national new product. Especially in recent years, treasure holds to own innovation into the group, walk along the “ that proper motion research and development and oneself own core intellectual property to produce, learn, grind the road of ” , the technical innovation system that formed innovation of science and technology and business development to be united in wedlock cheek by jowl, had the boiler of own brand. 2004, evaporate of the DZL3 of research and development of their proper motion 70MW(100 ton) shell leaving place is large product of series of boiler of coal fired hot water, initiated our country large layer to light boiler to make a beginning, new product of emphasis of the nation that be labelled, have the honor to win Tianjin city technology to innovate outstanding project first prize. 2005, briny desalt equipment machines a project to cross international product to machine cavalcade, the Asia of more than heat boiler of own research and development is the biggest, happy event obtain class A boiler to make a qualification. 2006, treasure Cheng Youyue enters range of company of new and high technology, large layer lights boiler to reside home firmly to be the same as industry big boss. Carry out a proof, boiler production technology is one of marks that judge scientific research technology, the production of boiler manufacturing industry and development must rely on own innovation.
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