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Innovation leads treasure to become develop continuously
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These year come, the order often left manufacturer of many 100 large boiler of countrywide, never have see the company culture that has bright distinguishing feature so into the group like treasure. He has feeling ground greatly to say, treasure watchs all to get an enterprise to develop the strategy and countermeasure with scientific progress into the group, investment 600 million multivariate build museum of center of a strange Shi Yuan, arboretum, nature science, folk-custom, Hua Baosi to wait for a tourist attraction, company culture and battalion of already of look forward to organic ground union rises, be in harmony is an organic whole, assist with tourism advocate industry, received favorable social beneficial result and economic benefits not only, and have macrocosm of 6 “ be been record in of Jinisi most ” , the outstanding achievement of person of this one arrogant is belonged to in countrywide fact infrequent, it is an innovation, your person praises greatly.

In boiler market competition intense circumstance falls, how does boiler of civilian look forward to realize break out of an encirclement? The chapter often says, still innovate how-to development direction. Treasure becomes group set “ achieves the international brand, strategy goal that establishs ” of hundred years enterprise, in the meantime, support innovation broke through core technology, large layer lights boiler occupational country is higher market share, research and development of circular fluid-bed utility boiler obtains delectable result, treatment of briny desalt equipment already had certain experience and base, a lot of abroad enterprises come round to seek cooperation in succession, the mark is worn treasure becomes manufacturing industry of group industry boiler from coal fired, fuel, burn gas, strode a new more wide field again.

The chapter often says, utility boiler of fluid-bed of Bao Chengxun annulus and briny desalt equipment machine the success of the project, it is the achievement of own innovation not only, and the development that is industry of our country boiler points to clear direction, carried a good head. To the best of my belief, lead in what innovate independently, treasure is like into group future bright and beautiful, more environmental protection, energy-saving, safe boiler is made and the spring of treatment of briny desalt equipment can come certainly.

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