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Leader force checks: Whether are you good at militarization management?
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Leader force checks: Whether are you good at militarization management?
Paersen ever had a famous remark: The most excellent management on the world is in legionary. Of our country China for, long rainbow, associate, Ceng Yijun thing turns a batch of companies such as ambitious, Chun Lan management is famed, american West Point is one of cradles of commercial leader more. Investigate its reason, the soldier formed a lot of outstanding character below militarization management, for instance mission feeling, honorary feeling, sense of responsibility, if respect industry of course of study, professional, energy,wait again. A lot of coal companies are pushing a militarization now or accurate militarization manages, still a few enterprises are in itch to try. Whether are you good at the test of militarization management ” about “ below, perhaps can inspire somewhat to you.
1. When carry out, you serve as a leader: You serve as a leader:: You serve as a leader:::
A. Can be the first carry out, because be the first,be crucial, into
Member be being participated in entirely is a foundation
B. Give subordinate goes carrying out, give give directions
C. Full-fledged member gives subordinate applies
2. On choose and employ persons, your apt: Your apt:: Your apt:::
A. With the person that does not have leeway, because of them normally
Be willing hammer and tongs
B. With the person with post requirement conform to
C. Use the person with very strong capability
3. On discipline, you think: You think:: You think:::
A. Industry member should be abided by self-consciously and carry out discipline,
Reflect the neat of the group and level
B. Want to develop freedom below the frame of discipline
C. Emphasize discipline appropriately can
4 to employee duty authority, you think: You think:: You think:::
A. Want to fulfil the job every employee body to go up, let
Employee has mission feeling
B. Should put power adequately
C. Duty authority does not need very clear
5. About the system of the enterprise, you think: You think:: You think:::
A. What the group relies on is a system, want to make clear division of labor and collaboration with the system
B. Want to the system wants to have democracy again already
C. Make employee enjoys democratic right more important
6. About management and assessment: About management and assessment:: About management and assessment:::
A. You have rigid administrative system and assessment medium
B. Your management and assessment are not very strict
C. Your management and assessment are very lax case
7. In the whole process that manufactures an activity and day-to-day management, you meet: You meet:: You meet:::
A. Organic cite the organization with martial government peculiar institute
Form, code of conduct
B. The organization that did not arrange militarization designedly and
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