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The 4 old law that the enterprise innovates
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The 4 old law that the enterprise innovates
1. After be being broken first, rebuild. The person's oldest enemy is not outer bound, however oneself inherent thinking mode. Want to innovate somewhat, the most important is the habitual thinking that dares to break his, be in the place that people ignores, see person place did not see, think person place did not think, ability creates a miracle. Empty cup is grail, want new pour superior tea, must pour tea of of the previous night clean first; Should rebuild a new world, must demolish old world first.
2. After be being blended in first, jump out. Want to innovate somewhat, break through somewhat, must blend in completely first among them. A lot of people are afraid, have the shady deal of so much trade, the recessive game that cannot publicize in order to make public more so is regular, if oneself knew, can you take a lot of roundabout way? Actually, having revolutionary innovation great majority truly is to be in to the middle of the process that books target advancement, now and then gotten by-product, it is unexpected results. Saying is inspirational it may not be a bad idea, saying is satori, in the brain that why to appear in others then? The opportunity belongs the person that has preparation, the person that blends in namely. When him now and then, casual 1 when can jumping out, the day that succeeds namely.
3_ is optimized after become rigid first. Clever person reads professional book so, first con, consult to seek testimony about document ceaselessly, read the book thick; After that, eliminate the false and retain the true, discard the dross and select the essential, read the book again thin; Highest state is the knowledge that will acquire forgets entirely, him melt into wisdom and thought.
4. Plan situation epigenesis issue first. Someone says a lot of scholars are in be an armchair strategist, actually be an armchair strategist is prelude, be must, good wine still is afraid of alley child deep! Cannot seek situation, also hard accomplish sth. You do not possess consummate skill really certainly, want others to think you have only, confidence and you cooperate, likely in cooperative process casual a way that finds a success by chance. Say the result is admittedly important so, but the process is more important, because, do not go trying, always do not have successful likelihood.