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Energy-saving be puzzled and energy-saving diameter
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Energy-saving be puzzled and energy-saving diameter
Han Xiaoping
June is China's annual “ ” of week of energy-saving conduct propaganda, although fire of fire of wind of each district wind made many enthusiastic and energy-saving propaganda, but passed in June, everybody to China this year whether the established end that specific power consumption of implementation unit GDP wants to reduce 4 % begins in fear and trembling to rise.
Data shows, this year first quarter, chinese GDP increase rate is 10. 3 % , the amplitude that the sources of energy uses up gross not only not under economic increase rate, instead tower above 5 many dot, the sources of energy consumes stretch coefficient to still be maintained in 1. 5 right-and-left perch. Development is reformed appoint data shows, this year 1 to April, countrywide electricenergy production 8175. 300 million kilowatt hour, grow 11 compared to the same period. 1 % . Want to realize GDP specific power consumption to reduce the goal of 4 % this year, looking now will be very formidable task.
Energy-saving be puzzled can business index
Recently, chairman of working group of energy of chamber of commerce of European Union China Dr. Chen Xinhua told a such stories: 1973, world first time was immersed in energy crisis, french energy minister elaborates France glibly how to answer energy crisis on TV, at this moment a reporter quizs suddenly to him: Ministerial gentleman what is the sources of energy? This minister does not know how to reply actually, look around the left and right sides very awkwardly speechless. Although went 33 years, chinese energy problem is solved in us today when, we also should ask authority, how many person is there can exact answer what is “ can ” ? What is “ energy ” ? What is ” of “ the sources of energy? The person has business of intelligence quotient, affection, money business, for the moment we are what the ABC of the sources of energy says “ can business ” , if our “ can business ” is too low, cannot understand in the round well and master the sources of energy and energy-saving element, be afraid also is very difficult had done energy-saving work, solve the energy problem of good China more impossibly.
Current China, the official that the sources of energy faces the biggest challenge is China and common people lack knowledge of the sources of energy generally, lack comprehensive, thorough, proper understanding to energy problem, often make a few incorrect or highbrow the sources of energy and energy-saving policy blindly, the result is just the opposite to what one wished. National hair changes appoint fulfil to carry out " the country is energy-saving in extended program " , decided 10 big focal points are energy-saving project, among them the 2nd is to develop area pyroelectricity couplet actively to produce. Recently, henan saves economy to be in charge of file of sectional make known to lower levels to ask to use heat and power plant, resource integratedly power plant and small fire report to place on a par actually, the requirement is all this year I. 20 thousand the following aircrew, no matter you are heat and power plant, resource,use power plant and small fire report integratedly to be shut along with all the others. Requirement: Enterprise of “ electrified wire netting must not buy its n, coal company must not be defeated coal for its, the bank must not provide loan, its produce cancel after verification of irrigation works branch to use water index or close well of its provide for oneself compulsively, environmental protection branch must not allocate blowdown index and hair to put blowdown licence, close stop an enterprise not to get privately to turn external power supply or solution net move. ” their so dry purpose is construction conflagration report, because look in them,conflagration report generates electricity than small power plant coal consumption is low, OK and energy-saving.
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