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"Energy-saving boiler " new potential of industry of mining industry boiler
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The near future, a kind of when the expert puts forward energy-saving new point of view, cause industry especially the wide attention of company of industrial boiler production. This kind of viewpoint thinks, our country is in very a paragraph long henceforth inside period, economic growth is relied on not just build a power plant, and still should rely on through energy-saving and “ generates electricity the “ of ” ” of plant of the 5th power.

At present with China the sources of energy uses the current situation of efficiency to look, energy-saving than building boiler house, increase report of heat addition aircrew and development water and electricity, fire, nucleus report to want cheap. With the world advanced level photograph is compared, our country still exists in the respect such as specific power consumption of production value of energy efficiency, unit bigger difference, specific power consumption of production value of our country unit is world average level 2 times much, main product specific power consumption is taller than world advanced level 40% . Utilization rate of our country energy is made an appointment with 33% , with the world advanced level differs 10 percent, energy-saving potential is tremendous.

Begin energy-saving the important matter that is industrial boiler industry. Bedding face of capacity of industry of boiler of our country industry is wide, average size is small, and give priority to with coal fired, year bad news fuel makes an appointment with coal of standard of 400 million Tce. Because boiler moving efficiency is not tall, waste of the sources of energy is quite serious, begin energy-saving fall the bad news, Chongzhongzhi that carries high-energy effect to already became industry health develop is heavy.

Energy-saving job is quite effective
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