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Industrial boiler should capture new industry to grow turning point
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Come nearly 10 years, layer of industry of boiler of our country industry lights furnace to discharge level of coal fired technology to rise ceaselessly, the respect such as the aerification combustion technology in technology of combustion of oar of coal of fluid-bed combustion technology, water, coal also obtains good progress, but still need to be perfected further and develop. Henceforth a period, industry of boiler of our country industry should accelerate innovation of science and technology, raise technical level ceaselessly.

Circular fluid-bed boiler to large change development

Circular fluid-bed boiler is technology of boiler of a kind of when boil from bed bosomy bubble furnace develops and come new-style coal fired, have good fuel adaptability, general combustion means hard normal flaming bone coal, gangue, peat, oil shale, low calorific value is anthracitic and the inferior fuel such as all sorts of industry and agriculture and life rubbish, can burn effectively in circular fluid-bed boiler. In the meantime, circular fluid-bed boiler has good environmental protection performance, to reducing NOx discharge very advantageous, desulphurization efficiency can amount to 90% above. Accordingly, technology of circular fluid-bed boiler is a kind of clean combustion technology that has development outlook, should strengthen mainly the development in inferior fuel respect and use, and to the product large change directional development.

At present 75t/h grade reachs boiler of homebred loop fluid-bed to be below on the technology already pass a barrier, replaced the entrance boiler of this grade completely already, circular fluid-bed boiler amounts to the 75t/h that already moved in home many 500. Below the arrangement that concerns a section in the country additionally, boiler of 130t/h and fluid-bed of above grade loop already developed a success and join movement in succession.
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