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Zhou Shengxian expresses: Orgnaization of various environmental protection all a
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Zhou Shengxian, director of total bureau of national environmental protection.

Unripe in December 1949, ningxia Wu Zhong's person. Record of formal schooling of graduate student of central Party school, advanced economy division.

Members of standing committee of Party committee of municipality of the Hui nationality of Ceng Renning summer, government is standing vice-chairman.

In Feburary 1999, hold the post of deputy director general of national forestry bureau.

Held the post of director of national forestry bureau in November 2000.

Held the post of director of total bureau of national environmental protection in December 2005.

The Communist Party of China 16 central backup committee members.

Zhou Shengxian of director of total bureau of national environmental protection desk did not put a piece of paper, the eye never avoids the look of the reporter below the stage, all sorts of gesture often are made when the speech.

2006 Spring Festival eve, total bureau of national environmental protection kills 7 big projects continuously, back-to-back, make stop 11 companies that create serious pollution to drinking water again, investigated 10 large illegal projects, and express should exist possibly to 127 the enterprise of water safety hidden danger undertakes discharging checking.

What media says this is new round environmental protection storm. Storm backside, the Zhou Shengxian that dying recieved orders on December 2 last year causes media to pay close attention to again.

The ” of “ big movement of new director

On March 11 on the press conference, zhou Shengxian discloses, the Songhua River is long-term processing program already wove be in order.

So far, the Songhua River polluted incident to draw a full stop temporarily eventually.

Zhou Shengxian is walked on new hind hurry off to the Songhua River instantly, the Yinjilinshi that his first job solves predecessor to solve Zhen Huashang future to must reach processing namely changes the water system that explosion of double benzene plant causes to pollute.

At the beginning of December 2005, the preserved egg river bank of a world of ice and snow, zhou Shengxian is taken away along pollution, the journey evens more 1000 kilometers.

On December 8, zhou Shengxian signs the first urgent announcement after assuming office, the decision begins environmental safety to be checked greatly in the whole nation, the key points to trunk stream of important river river to reach its of along the line of main minor aspects large and medium-sized enterprise.

The ” of after assuming office for Zhou Shengxian big movement of the first “ that this is weighed. On December 14, zhou Shengxian answers Beijing, personally this safety checks assume personal command greatly.

“ initiates annulus to judge new phase ”

On Feburary 14, 2006, environmental protection total bureau allots a file, hair alms giving goes " public of environmental impact assessment shares temporary measure " , after 6 days, by censorial ministry and environmental protection total bureau makes jointly " environmental protection violates guild regulations of of short duration of punish of the behavior that violate discipline to decide " hair alms giving goes.
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