Water pump course of study should situation implementation technology spans type
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opposite developed country, industry of our country water pump starts later. But concerned personage points out, course of study of our country water pump uses implementation of late dominant position to span likely type develops.

In water pump industry, implementation technology spans the product example that type develops is very much, the double carapace of factory of pump of as above seawater the screw pump of limited company of group of machinery of job of the pump of broken bits oar of factory of water pump of high-pressured boiler feed pump, Shijiazhuang, Tianjin pump. These products are told from technical level as adjacent as international level. Some enterprises use foreign advanced technique to transform his series product, with this implementation the technology spans. If factory of Shenyang water pump uses foreign advanced technique, raising the respect such as the tigidity of rotor of AY oil pump, application that prevents occlusive material to have span type develops; AY pump replaces Y pump occupational market of domestic major oil pump. In hi-tech industry domain, even if be banner,should go up in the technology only one half step, possible occupational the major market of this domain. Accordingly, reforming and opening 20 years, industry of our country water pump has realized a technology to span type develops, and also carry out a technology to span only type develops, ability narrows ceaselessly the difference with foreign developed country, catch up with or exceed foreign advanced level.