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Industry of latent capacity of 1. future application

Carry investigation, the enterprise inside course of study thinks, the industry that will not control application of a powerful person have latent capacity most is oil, natural gas respectively, electric power, chemical industry, environmental protection. The 5-10 in future inside year, the demand that control valve business predicts to our country dominates market of a powerful person year growth will be controlled in 11-20% .

2. power market

Forecast in “ be opposite during 5 ” of 11 · group of coal electric machinery is large and medium-sized what start working project and project of maintenance of coal power station need valve to forecast tot: Valve quantity of total demand is 153 thousand tons, year all demand is thirty thousand six hundred tons; Forehead of valve total demand is 3.96 billion yuan, year all demand forehead is 792 million yuan.

Group of electric machinery of fire of 3 million kilowatt, 6 million kilowatt requires valve amount

Stand-alone capacity Boiler proper Conduit Steam engine noumenon Aggregate 300MW 550 1950 200 2700 600MW 800 3000 400 4200

In future 10 years, the valve demand forehead of nuclear power plant will be 6.7 billion yuan, year all demand is controlled for 670 million yuan, additionally nuclear power plant spends the upkeep on valve to hold maintenance total 50% the left and right sides.

One has the nuclear power plant of group of electric machinery of nucleus of class of 2 1 million KW to need of all kinds valve 30 thousand, among them nuclear island (NI) with valve 13 thousand, groovy island (CI) with valve thirteen thousand five hundred, power station support features (BOP) uses valve 3500, by every year go into operation of group of electric machinery of nucleus of 2.5 million KW is calculated, annual the demand of nuclear report valve is in thirty-seven thousand five hundred.

Water of mould pressing of plan of unit of class of two 1 million KW piles the model the valve dosage of nuclear power plant

Press water to pile composition of nuclear power plant Valve configures scale Amount (10 thousand) Nuclear island (NI) island of convention of 43.5% 1.3 (CI) support features of power station of 45% 1.35 (BOP) 11.5% 0.35 is aggregate Island of nucleus of 3 (NI) valve configures a circumstance
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