The overall development direction of Chinese fan industry (one)
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One, the development of WTO and Chinese fan industry
Join World Trade Organization (abbreviation WTO) to improving environment of our country international trade, enlarge exit, draw foreign capital, introduce advanced technique and device, technology of development international economy cooperates, quicken reform pace, of system of socialist economy of stimulative our country perfect, improve the international position of our country, have very important sense. But, enjoying the right while, what must assume WTO to set is compulsory; Our country market is opened further, the development that affects a few industries, make its face grim situation.
The product of fan industry attributes the one part of current mechanism, after joining WTO, to the influence of mechanical product, also including the effect to fan product. To the influence of mechanical product, divide roughly for 3 kinds of following circumstances.
(1) manufacturing work is concentrated model product or product cost are inferior, have the industry of price advantage. The product of this kind of industry, because go up to already formed certain exit competition ability in the international market, after joining WTO, will be helpful for enlarging exit, home market opens these pair of industries to basically do not constitute menace.
(2) capital and technology the industry with concentrated or more concentrated technology, do not suffer influence degree to differ with the circumstance respectively.
① world well-known company, transnational corporation already with me domestic endowment enterprise joint-stock or cooperate, advanced, price has the product technology that its manufacture advantage (import what custom duty reduces to sell price in our country under entrance product namely) , after our country market is opened, unless new stronger competitor comes in, won't have how many impact commonly; Contrary, because the joint ventures receives a respect to still enjoy " to exceed national pay " in duty, and production imports custom duty to will be reduced with crucial component, be helpful for reducing manufacturing cost further, the price has competition ability more.
Level of ② product technology and abroad have certain difference, but difference is very not big, and the industry that the price has clear advantage. The product of this kind of industry, after the market is opened, get concussion rate not quite.
The product of new and high technology of industry of ③ new and high technology and new development, still do not have competitive capacity, or of price of international market of price prep above, will get bigger impact.
(3) a batch of enterprises will be recombined, change the line of production or stop production closes down
A batch of products belong to batch or the business that small lot produces, because manufacturing drop is more, and do not have certain economic dimensions again, lack market competition capacity, these enterprises will face serious dilemma, will be recombined by annex, change the line of production or stop production closes down.
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