The overall development direction of Chinese fan industry (2)
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2, the development that views trade of our country fan from imports and exports

Fan product component is two kinds big, one kind is a quantity big wide medium, small-sized fan, this kind of enterprise is great majority in fan industry; Another kind is to attach most importance to the centrifugal type of old equipment whole set or axis to shed type compressor, air-blower and large fanner.
Discuss circumstance of its imports and exports to see the progress of industry of our country fan, also undertake respectively from these two kinds of main products.
(1) exit circumstance

See its trend clear to facilitate, list company of fan guild member to the exit circumstance 2000 from 1991 first, detailed sees a table 1.

Express 1991~2000 of company of insider of 1 fan industry to produce per year taste exit sale status

1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 of a particular year
Compressor air-blower exports a quantity (stage) 69 18 21 10 43 9 29 11 56 87
Amount (10 thousand yuan) 444 1094 2059 570 365 24 679 4068 2108 1478
Fanner exports a quantity (stage) 4559 10185 882 1575 6581 11887 12453 12974 3545 7882
Amount (10 thousand yuan) 2183 2212 2192 3907 8713 7939 8210 13305 6523 6638
Aggregate exit amount (stage) 4628 10203 903 1585 6624 11896 12482 12985 3601 7969
Amount (10 thousand yuan) 2627 3305 4251 4477 9078 7963 8907 17371 8631 8116

Through exit of these 10 years product sale status does not look to give overall trend, from the exit of compressor and air-blower the circumstance looks, its maximum a particular year appeared 1991 to mix 2000; From the exit of fanner the circumstance looks, its maximum a particular year appeared 1998 to mix 1995; From exit fan product total amount looks, top a particular year was mixed 1998 respectively 1995.
From the point of the company that exports fan product, exporting the company with centrifugal compressor and centrifugal air-blower most product is Shenyang air-blower factory; Outlet is average medium or small the enterprise with fanner and air conditioning most fan is Zhejiang windward group company; The enterprise with most air-blower of exit collect Ci is Changsha air-blower factory. The portion that exports from fan product looks, 1991~2000 of company of fan guild member year in all 10 years during, export total is only seven hundred and forty-seven million two hundred and forty-eight thousand yuan, the amount is very little.
Dividing the main reason with too little amount of separate out mouth is product quality problem.
Turbine compressor (include centrifugal type and axis to shed type compressor) this kind of product although the price is high, but it is the facility of important form a complete set that large plant institute needs priority discipline (some can call device of " heart " even) , be told consequently to the user is necessary product, blame buy cannot. However the user handles this kind of product often is not to see its value, pay attention to its quality and dependability however. The place that hold the balance is had in device of large whole set because of turbine compressor, some stops even machine be about 1 day loss hundred thousands of yuan. So the user is not to be put in to the price of itself of this kinds of product the first, and put product quality and dependability in the first place. Also be to domestic user would rather spend high price to import similar product from abroad sometimes, also be willing to buy domestic product not quite. The period that this still does not have a trend to mature with respect to the colour television machine that is like domestic production is same, price of entrance color television also is willing higher to buy an import, the reason is product quality reliable, be at ease in the heart. Although homebred color television is low-cost, also not be willing to buy. Trend of homebred color television is mature today, in the heart of people very naturally can be accepted. Turbine compressor product also is such, still need to have a process.
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