The overall development direction of Chinese fan industry (4)
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4, fan industry is homebred and masked fully
(one) homebred the basic case that turn
The product component of fan industry is two kinds big, namely one kind is to be the centrifugal type of form a complete set of project of national major project or axis to shed type compressor, another kind is the each type fanner with the quantity wide bedding face that uses at each domains. Before homebred and masked equipment basically points to one kind of product.
At present homebred centrifugal type or axis shed type compressor, can provide capability of form a complete set for equipment of following and great technology:
Produce per year plant of 520 thousand tons of urea to use carbon dioxide compressor
Produce per year plant of ammonia of 300 thousand tons of synthesis to use synthesis gas of gas, air, raw material and ammonia are refrigerant and centrifugal compressor
Produce per year plant of 300 thousand tons of ethylene to use splitting decomposition gas, ethylene and propylene centrifugal compressor
Produce per year device of 3 million tons of catalytic cracking to use rich gas centrifugal compressor
10 thousand M3/h of 1~3 divide device to use centrifugal compressor for nothing
500~1000m3 blast furnace sheds compressor with the axis
To measuring the each type fanner with wide bedding face, divide extremely besides special purpose and entrance of form a complete set of whole set device, homebred fanner basically can satisfy national economy the need of departmental door.
What enterprise of fan industry great majority produces each type only is medium or small fanner, can produce centrifugal type compressor have Shenyang air-blower only air-blower of factory, Shaanxi (group) limited company and Shanghai air-blower factory limited company. Among them Shaanxi air-blower (group) the technique that limited company recommended company of Swiss Su Ershou, give priority to in order to produce compressor of axial shedding type.
With Shenyang air-blower the factory is exemple, centrifugal compressor is homebred the course that the course that change had taken nearly 20 years.
1982 China the first 520 thousand tons / year urea plant succeeds with trial-produce of carbon dioxide compressor.
1994 China the first 300 thousand tons / year synthetic ammonia plant uses natural gas, ammonia refrigerant, air and synthesis enrage success of centrifugal compressor trial-produce.
1994 China the first 800 thousand tons / year hydrogen of hydrogenation device loop is centrifugal compressor trial-produce is successful.
1998 China the first 3 million tons / year catalytic cracking device uses rich gas centrifugal compressor trial-produce is successful.
1998 China the first 480 thousand tons / year ethylene plant is enraged with splitting decomposition with propylene centrifugal compressor trial-produce succeeds.
Besides afore-mentioned a few kinds outstanding, besides the product that has typical delegate sense, still be town sea, Yan Shan, Qi Lu, Daqing, raise respectively child, golden hill and plain change waited for many petro-chemical device to provide much station homebred change centrifugal compressor group. These products make clear, it ended our country petrifaction great technology equipment is centrifugal compressor, depend on the history of the entrance completely, broke the world to go up to have a few a few state monopoly only the structure that centrifugal compressor designs production marketplace, indicating our country is centrifugal level of compressor design production technology has ascended personally the advanced cavalcade at the world.
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