Chinese machinery makes: Backward and Euramerican 30 years
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Although the brand of the enterprise such as sea Er, TCL is already dye-in-the-wood ground " is homebred change " , but go buying empty wither, guide buy can tell you compressor comes from Japan, go buying refrigerator, guide buy or can telling you compressor also is to come from Japan. The personage inside course of study thinks, chinese machinery is made compare full Euramerican and backward near 30 years.

Joint-stock and depressed

In April 2006, hold the Xu industry group of the Niu Er of industry of machinery of our country project and of triumphant thunder buy a plan to be knocked basically calm. Firm of investment of triumphant thunder Asia bought the share of % of ——85 of limited company of group of machinery of project of Xuzhou of —— of enterprise of subordinate of Xu industry group with 375 million dollar. Although June as a result of 31 heavy industry intervene make accuse a process occurrence twists and turns, but the “ card that a lot of economist of this declare our country worry is special the plan for the moment that Biletong takes ” of industry of Chinese machinist Cheng comes to an end.

In March 2005, the check of United States of —— of mechanical equipment manufacturer with the biggest whole world is special those forces a company with so low that “ makes a person accident the 40 % share that the price of ” bought Shandong to weigh labour, after this project comes out in rigid line of business, katebile already made strong buy a plan bulkily, the purpose is ” of machine of project of “ nibble our country. The ” of hand-hold portable telephone of certain room “ is old Xu in project machinery industry is versed in the group is one of its fixed targets of course.

If triumphant thunder buys Xu Gong to succeed, was equivalent to giving card spy those to strap pawn biff. But to triumphant thunder character, ultimate goal is to want to sell Xu Gong with better value pass on piece, accordingly Xu Gong's development will remain an unknown number.

20 centuries since 90 time, large transnational corporation marchs in succession reduce market of domestic machinist estate, main concentration handles official bussiness in car, electrical engineering electric equipment, culture the domain such as appearance of equipment, instrument, current mechanism and project machine, these a few industries occupy machinist job foreign trader to invest amount directly about 80% .

Chairman of mechanical Joint Industry Conference states the change that the foreign country invests so at precious: The premise with basic “ is to be opposite China its must maintain to control right in investing an activity, what deserve attention particularly is to cross a state-owend enterprise to course of study is fond of particularly and buy our country currently the advantage company of industry of tall growing sex. What ” can have seen at present is, in industry of oily oil pump, after company of German rich world buys the Jiangsu of —— of enterprise of the person at the head of a procession of industry of our country oily oil pump not to have Xi Weifu limited company, the industry of oily oil pump of our country is bought by transnational corporation entirely almost, accuse, the technical center that the course builds for years also by cancel, amalgamative; In bearing industry, industry of bearing of the whole nation 4 years ago appears on the market first times Inc. of bearing of company —— northwest, already with the world company of FAG of Germany of firm of the 3rd large bearing is joint-stock, joint-stock company became after two years heart square solely invested enterprise. …
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