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Industrial boiler is in national economy and social developing position and importance are known to all, what the sources of energy that its place bad news uses measures is big, what the oxide discharge capacity of sulfur of soot, 2 oxidation, carbon dioxide, nitrogen holds the proportion of countrywide corresponding discharge capacity is tall showed this. So, energy-saving, environmental protection and country build industrial boiler resource is managing model with the environment friendly model the society has immediate concern, it lives with people again the improvement of quality be closely bound up. Direct or our country is indirect produce with industrial boiler, use concerned personnel know exactly how things stand hundred, the development of the industry and the obtain employment of these personnel also have immediate concern. Industrial boiler is existing all the time safe, energy-saving the requirement with environmental protection respect, and year after year rises. Since founding a state, especially reform, open since, through the government director branch and industrial boiler industry concern the effort of personnel, industrial boiler industry had great progress. In safe respect, to boiler as the country production enterprise is executed licence and be stationed in a factory to examine wait for a system, the accident occurence rate of boiler is reduced greatly, security gets basically assuring. From on 80 time have the century, the country establishs environmental protection total bureau to reach detect accordingly center, discharge to sulfur of the soot of industrial boiler, 2 oxidation raise a requirement, pass industrial boiler form a complete set hard remove dust, desulphurization device achieves the requirement of form a complete set basically already. But, in industrial boiler the leader of energy-saving job is mixed administrative field, be in lag and passive condition from beginning to end, the country is engaged in industrial boiler without special orgnaization the management of energy-saving job. In be supplied by severe impact of ” of “ the Great Cultural Revolution, the sources of energy very in short supply when, the national classics at that time appoint began industrial boiler trade with machinist trade department energy-saving job, organize the development that has burning using product of boiler of inferior coal industry about the unit, developed 56 kinds to light the new product such as furnace of the chain heat that uses low qualitative fuel, circular fluid-bed boiler, move back and forth, alleviated the situation that industrial boiler uses coal strain at that time. Organize again during 75 ” of 65 ” of “ , “ began in lighting, pledge coal the development of 21 breed. Go up century 90 time, project of ” of efficient industry boiler carries out the “ China that developed global environment foundation again. Of these projects carry out energy-saving to industrial boiler had very main effect, but be pair of part products only improve and rise, to bad news of whole of industrial boiler industry can of level of level, staff of moving management, fireman mention advanced action not quite. Because the characteristic of these jobs is level sex and motility, cause industrial boiler to energy-saving job supplies insecurity along with the sources of energy and be begun, alleviate and lax. Since reforming and opening, economy of our country countryman grows every year with the speed of 2 digit, to the sources of energy use up also grow greatly, carry out as what can develop the strategy continuously, the country formulated the managing and preferential, policy that protects an environment, industrial boiler is energy-saving the job is mentioned again schedule, the country is in " 915 ” of “ 10 big focal points are energy-saving project " in above all energy-saving to industrial boiler job put forward to will run thermal efficiency on average to raise 75~80% at present, annual section coal 70 million tons requirement. Industrial boiler industry is in reform, open come 20 years, in development specific power consumption the product side with good benefit of low, environmental protection also did a large number of works, the fire and water that develops like factory of boiler of above sea industry is in charge of boiler course to be improved for many times, perfect its thermal efficiency to be able to amount to 83% above, the part that factory of boiler of Shanghai all directions develops is in charge of type boiler efficiency to be able to amount to 82% above, unseal the thermal efficiency of boiler amounts to the circular fluid-bed that triumphant boiler company develops 80% above, the thermal efficiency of boiler of other and new-style conduit also is in 80% above, these already achieved national hair to change appoint moving thermal efficiency achieves the “ industry boiler that Director Ma Kai puts forward on conference of countrywide energy-saving job and approach international level (75%~80% ) the requirement of ” . But, face industry of boiler of our country industry to produce per year 180 thousand evaporate ton boiler, the whole nation is using boiler 550 thousand stage, 1.78 million evaporate ton, year bad news coal 400 million tons, the runs thermal efficiency on average to have 65% only current situation of most boiler, the proportion that place of afore-mentioned energy-saving new product hold is very small, right energy-saving fall bad news impact is not big, accordingly, energy-saving job still holds the post of industrial boiler heavy and the path is far. For this, industrial boiler industry wants a foundation country " 915 ” of “ 10 big major project are energy-saving executive opinion " requirement, according to development and transform the guiding principle that pay equal attention to, the moving thermal efficiency that carries boiler of effort general industry from current and average 65% raise average 75~80% , annual section coal 70 million tons. Reduce dust accordingly at the same time 378 thousand tons, SOX
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