The development trend of system of pump of chemical industry of prospective whol
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In principle is told, first-rate chemistry is industrial the character that pump should have is: High quality, Gao Ke relies on gender and function of high environmental protection; What be helpful for a worker again while medium of the chemical industry that finish carries the mission is healthy; Lowest of expectant service life charge; The tie that can establish stock machine with chemical industry of a complete set of becomes a whole. However, in chemical production process, all sorts of specific use condition raised a variety of different requirements to the production of chemical pump again with use purpose.

The problem that is badly in need of solving now is: What requirement did the use person of chemical pump raise to chemical pump of future? This one problem that the article will care in the light of people gives answer.

The outstanding characteristic of the mechanical product that uses in chemical industry is: The function of mechanical product, requirement changes as the sort of medium of chemistry be feedinged and property. Although here is mentioned what medium also points to sometimes is water, oily other perhaps blame harmful material; However the chemical raw material that medium of the chemical industry below most circumstance points to is terrible ” of a few special “ ; Exemple if a few is having the medium that endangers a gender badly (poisonous, mordant the medium with flammability) ; Especially chemistry of a few easy generation reacts, have corrode, the solid body that the medium of erosion action perhaps contains afore-mentioned part or aeriform medium. The change of composition of the chemistry in diversity labour medium, change that chemical element matchs to compare can bring about chemical medium qualitative to change; The chroma that brings about chemical medium rises or have property of special going from place to place (for example: Solution of diffusible medium, polymer is waited a moment) . Accordingly, often be opposite the purity of chemical medium (GMP, polymer, electrolyte is waited a moment) raised particularly strict quality requirement, and these particularly strict quality requirements can pass what appropriate chemical pump will go to the lavatory to try to come true.

Gave the diversity that asks to chemical pump by the diversity derive of chemical medium. This makes system of chemical pump standard very difficult make a simple standard system. Compare other sphere, for example heating of electric, family, water supply, catchment waits family expenses a moment domain and chemical industry are chastening or in car production domain, it is not just in the production of the product and had reached the level that comparative in the standardization in the use of the product. And in chemical production company, job of chemical pump standardization is mixed in technical respect however economy respect encountered an obstacle.

Where existing does chemical pump optimize improved likelihood?

Without doubt: Standardizing pair of chemical industry to produce and be used of pump is very helpful with very significant issue. But: From life cycle the angle of expense on any account sees a problem, most of what appearance should economic standardization be? Be a detailed optimizes for a long time standardization that undertakes according to all sorts of particular use cases economical? Be still a rough standard chemical combination calculates? New to using technology, develop new product and bring, when can the standardizes investment block up that inside longer time ability calls in end? How can just injuring chemical pump manufacturer and chemical pump producer below the condition of the interest of any one party, make both sides has unified knowledge to the standard of chemical pump? These problems use the dialogue between factory, guild and chemical pump manufacturer through strengthening chemical pump only, ability replies. Possible solution is: Set out from the angle of the person that use, establish long-term strategic partner relationship with the supplier for example; Different standardization social estate is built inside the disparate arrangement of ideas of specific definition (for example means of the structural type of chemical pump, supplier, series, material, configuration is waited a moment) and of compositive type modular structure.
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