The overall development direction of Chinese fan industry (5)
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5, market of industry of 15 " fan forecasts "
Fan product includes air-blower of fanner, turbine, collect Ci air-blower and turbine compressor. Its differentiate to basically centrifugal type compressor, axis sheds air-blower of type compressor, centrifugal type, Luo Ci in detail fanner of type of fanner of air-blower, centrifugal type, axis shedding and air-blower of foliaceous family name 7 kinds big.
(one) home market is forecasted
(1) demand characteristic
By the decision of use condition place of fan product, one kind is use quantity bedding face wide medium or small fan, product structure and workmanship are simpler, cost is inferior also; Another kind is capital, technology intensive taller, product structure is complex, production cycle is long, sex of its whole set and systematization are strong also, and be move below high pressure, high temperature and high speed condition, some moves below abominable operating mode even. Accordingly, the user has its diverse demand to the product.
Wide to measuring bedding face medium or small fan, the pursuit end that wants with householder is efficiency low, life grows tall, noise and low-cost; pair of turbine air-blower and compressor and large fanner, main pursuit high quality, high reliability, movement is smooth and cycle is long.
(2) each demand structure of main field
1) fan of general and ventilated take a breath
This kinds of fan is commonly medium or small centrifugal fanner and axis shed fanner, belong to use the most extensive fan, need amount is maximum, production makes a firm most also. Overall will tell, this kind of product is beg for be more than.
2) special purpose fan
Special purpose fan includes smoke extractor exhaust fan of anticorrosive fan, high temperature fan, wear-resisting fan, fire control to wait. Although demand of this kind of fan is not very big, but because work environment is special, need distinction is treated. This kinds of fan basically pledges in material on relatively special, reach material of wear-resisting of blade surface spray, v to wait character like fan of glue of line of fan of stainless steel fan, glass reinforced plastics, titanium alloy fan, plastic fan, metal.
3) Luo Ci air-blower
The biggest characteristic of this kinds of fan, try to adjust inside limit when pressure when, discharge change is very small, pressure choice range is wide also, have the feature that transports gas compulsively. Its are main defect is noise bigger. Pass in recent years introduce technology, joint-stock reach 3 channel such as proper motion development, development went the 3 Xie Luoci air-blower with inferior noise, suffer an user to welcome quite, market prospect is better.
4) turbine compressor
Turbine compressor includes centrifugal compressor, axis to shed compressor and axis- - compressor of centrifugal and complex formula, it is equipment the important equipment of device of major project whole set, these device are having main effect in national economy. Accordingly, these device need pressure already to the performance demand of turbine compressor tall, need flow again big. As whole set device large change, the parameter of requirement turbine compressor is taller and taller. If blast furnace smelt, large coal changes tool buy, large chemical fertilizer,device, large ethylene plant, large sky divides conveyor of cop of device, natural gas and oil field to note gas to wait. The demand of this kind of product, hold fan sum total very few, but the importance as a result of this kinds of product, and the structure is complex, production cycle is long, technical content is high, have better economic benefits and social beneficial result. The production level of turbine compressor represented level of fan industry whole.
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