Wen Jiabao: "Turn difficulty into good luck to win dignity with innovation "
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Wen Jiabao of premier of the State Council ran a circumstance to undertake survey with respect to economy in Guangdong recently. Wen Jiabao points out, progress of society of our country economy underwent grim challenge and test since this year, maintained good progress momentum, achievement hard-earned. Current economy moves to still be put in many outstanding contradiction and problem, we should enhance risk consciousness and hardship consciousness, sturdy confidence

“‘ wins dignity ’ with innovation, this word says well. ”20 day in the morning, wen Jiabao of premier of members of standing committee of the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the State Council comes to Inc. of health beautiful group. A catchphrase of company entrance, touched a thinking all the time recently issue in premier heart.

The personnel of young research and development that faces a flock of average ages 28 years old, premier Wen is smiling everybody says sweep, “ my aux used to thinks, what does an a country, nation rely on to win dignity? Want to rely on national development, rely on sound democratic legal system, the harmony that relies on a society progresses, lean moral power, the quality that relies on a person rises. Today, should plus this word, rely on the spirit of innovation even! ”

Applause, ring of center of research and development of quintuplicate of building of group of Yu Kangjia of v/arc be on the throne removes ……

Since this year, progress of society of our country economy underwent grim challenge and test, maintained good progress momentum. But, current economy moves to still be put in many outstanding contradiction and problem. Nearly more than 10 days come, wen Jiabao holds economic situation informal discussion for many times, go to delta of the Yangtse River to undertake survey, analytic economy runs a condition. 19 days come 20 days, wen Jiabao comes to the Guangdong of area of go ahead of the rest of our country reforming and opening to have investigation and study again.

In time of two days, home Wen treasure is high-tech of thorough improvement trade, civilian battalion, state-owned control a company that waits for 9 different types, still chair held two meetings: It is the report that listens to Guangdong provincial Party committee to save a government, it is with the part entrepreneur has have an informal discussion.

Line of business of shoe of Dongguan China treasure the enterprise that limited company is exit of a product, face intense market competition, the enterprise made “ development, transition, upgrade the management train of thought of ” . When should hearing company controller Zhang Huarong to introduce this one train of thought, ground of approve of of Home Wen treasure says: “ this is ‘ ’ of 6 words true word, development is good sense, upgrading is core, transition is to adjust a structure. 6 words reflected the way that company place has taken, it is the experience that comes out from the summary in practice. Turn pressure into motive force, turn difficulty into opportunity, be about to rely on these 6 words. ”
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