Japan announces move of low carbon society to plan draft
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Ge Jin) according to Japan " read sell news " , " daily news " wait for media to report, japanese government announced move of low carbon society 25 days to plan the specific content of draft, japanese ministerial meeting predicts to undertake discussion to draft at 29 days, will implement this plan at beginning next week, the ” of blue print of “ blessing cropland that this indicates by Japanese premier blessing Tian Kangfu was put forward this year in June begins to enter specific executive phase.

” of blue print of “ blessing cropland is Japan prevents the whole world newly calefacient countermeasure, establish the long-term goal ——— that Japan decreases a platoon made 2050 native greenhouse gas discharge capacity is cut down to current 60% to 80% . And the operation that gives heat newly plans draft to wait for a respect to be opposite from program of measure, action, numeric target ” of blue print of “ blessing cropland undertook incorporate, put forward, should be in 3 years to fall to the price that equipment generates electricity solar energy inside 5 years to current in part, advance energetically at the same time seal up for keeping carbon dioxide to be caught to subterranean carbon reach seal up for keeping technology (the development of CCS) .

According to introducing, solar energy electricenergy production of Japan is the world all the time before 2004 the first, but begin to be exceeded by Germany from 2005. Because this this action plan asks “ recaptures ” of world first throne again, want to adopt the supportive measure ” with decisive “ for this. These measure include to use solar energy to generate electricity to buy the house afresh the family of equipment offers finance allowance (this allowance is stopped from 2005 extend) , the n that increases power company to buy solar energy to generate electricity.

Generate electricity with solar energy to realize the residence of equipment gain ground, the plan puts forward to want to come 5 years in 3 years inside its the price falls to current in part (come for 2 million yen now) of 3 million yen. In popularity rate respect, the plan puts forward to want to raised 10 times current 2020, develop 40 times current to 2030.

It is OK to regard as large-scale the ” of technology of sex of innovation of a “ that cuts down greenhouse gas, carbon is caught reach seal up for keeping technology (CCS) will be obtained henceforth support energetically, the plan begins test of large-scale sex of a case of a physically strong patient running a high fever or suffering from such disorders as stasis of blood next year, practical phase is entered between 2020, the cost that to this century 20 time make handle 1 ton of carbon dioxide drops 1000 much yen (1 dollar closes 107 yen) about, and the cost that handles 1 ton of carbon dioxide at present exceeds 5000 yen.

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