With Yu Ran to decoke of coal heating boiler reachs new level of Beijing environ
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Report from our correspondent held recently " content of boiler air pollution discharges a standard (on seminar of new technology of DBll / 139—2007)) , new technology, about leader and expert new to Beijing west hill artery removes dust the type of bag of negative pressure dry method that desulphurization limited company rolls out removes dust pressing negative pressure of magnesian law to decoke, ’ to do law multibarrel to remove dust pressing wet technology of processing of flue gas of magnesian law to decoke and equipment offerred sufficient affirmation.
New artery of Beijing west hill removes dust 5 years these two technologies of research and development basically use last a period of time of desulphurization limited company at lighting the flue gas of coal industry boiler to remove dust to reach desulphurization processing, main function reachs home banner, country. Border is advanced level, each index all can satisfy what at present Beijing and country set the strictest discharge a standard, had applied in be administered to the desulphurization flue gas of boiler of coal fired heating, get remarkable result. Beijing arranged center of heat addition of grand of justice area Xin and center of heat addition of conciliatory Ou Honghuai to use the environmental protection technology of the company in recent years, each moving parameter all reached design target, amount of cost of power consumption, water drops considerably, remove dust and desulphurization efficiency is achieved respectively 99. 9 % and 98. 5 % .
The expert inside course of study thinks, new artery of Beijing west hill removes dust the technology of these two environmental protection that desulphurization limited company rolls out is high-tech the energy-saving technology that decrease a platoon, had reached new level of Beijing environmental protection, the energy-saving effect that decrease a platoon is distinct. If heat boiler promotion is offerred to use in Beijing coal fired, can decrease a dust one year to measure 3. Many tons 90 thousand, decrease a 2 oxidation sulfur 120 thousand tons, annual is direct and managing at the same time water consumption 6.2 million tons, managing with report 42.62 million kilowatt hour.