Boiler pressure vessel makes unit general can change production certificate dire
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On August 29, 2008, pressure vessel of boiler of bureau of special type equipment detects at equipment of Chinese special type academy to sit a meeting, research " boiler and pressure vessel use board " (GB713-2008) of production licence of armor plate of pressure vessel of the boiler after applying change a problem. Concerned expert and appraisal evaluation orgnaization attended the meeting.

This day rises, the armor plate that GB713-1997 and GB6654-1996 level contain in production licence creates an unit (the following abbreviation creates an unit) can send former production licence toward office of license of equipment of special type of total bureau of national qualitative check, exchange the letter that sends new standard the title of an emperor's reign directly. My bureau will in succession the production unit that trade sends new evidence undertakes engineering capability test and verify, do not accord with concerned regulation, inspect circumstance time-out or revoke its make permissive qualification.