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Inspection agency of equipment of supervisory bureau of technology of quality of ground city above, each special type and each are relevant enterprise:

Basis " safety of special type equipment is censorial byelaw " concerned regulation, total bureau of national qualitative check writes standard of decided technology of security of special type equipment " management of processing of TSG G5001-2008 boiler water is regular " , " TSGG 5002-2008 boiler water handles test gauge criterion " and " chemistry of TSG G5003-2008 boiler cleans regulation " already announcement is released, will begin to carry out on December 1, 2008. According to qualitative check bureau of equipment of total bureau special type asks, equipment of Chinese special type detects academy (China of the following abbreviation is special check courtyard) will combine pair of above with association of processing of Chinese boiler water 3 standards undertake announce as string of 1000 cash.

As a result of these 3 the standard involves range bigger, to assure the result that announce as string of 1000 cash, announce be linked together will be held in installment. The preliminary arrangement that as string of 1000 cash announce now informs as follows:

One, object of announce be linked together

1, each are censorial the orgnaization is relevant responsibility person;

2, personnel examines related inspection agency of each boiler pressure vessel;

3, boiler chemistry cleans an unit relevant personnel;

4, plant of equipment of boiler water processing, drug works, colophony factory is relevant personnel;

5, boiler use unit is relevant personnel.

2, sign up

Job of announce be linked together drafts from November 2008 the cent at the beginning of December reachs first period undertake. The unit that plans to attend announce be linked together to meet please fills in " boiler water handles be linked together of 3 code announce to be able to sign up receipt " (see accessory) the fax grooms to courtyard of Chinese spy check room sign up (suffer welcome guesthouse condition restriction, did not sign up, at the appointed time unwarrantable recieve) .

Time signing up ends on October 27.

3, time, ground orders preliminary arrangement

1, in November Chongqing of the first ten days of a month;

2, Fuzhou of the middle ten days of a month on November;

3, in November big talk of the last ten-day of a month.

Sign up after ending, we arrange basis condition signing up the exact time that announce be linked together meets, place, inform unit signing up and staff.

4, this announcement is at the same time on Www.csei.org.cn of website of courtyard of Chinese spy check and Www.cbwqa.org of website of association of processing of Chinese boiler water announce.

5, contact and phone

Equipment of Chinese special type detects the academy grooms ministry

Zhang Liansheng: 010-59068912, 13910133093
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