Good about doing " 11 " safety of equipment of golden week special type is censo
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Supervisory bureau of technology of quality of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government:

The near future, safe production situation is very grim, general office of the State Council was given out " the urgent announcement that works about strengthening mine safe production further " . To ensure “ holiday of 11 ” golden week travels safe, class of department of countrywide holiday travel coordinated conference print and distribute " good about doing 2008 11 ” of “ the announcement that holiday travel works " , censorial job put forward the safety of special type equipment such as establishment of large to strengthening You Le to ask clearly. To ensure special type facilities is safe during the holiday, had done concerned safety now censorial job informs as follows:

One, improve knowledge, seasonable deploy

11 ” golden week has “ this year 3 characteristics: It is the ” of first “ golden week after national setting method decides holiday, predict to give a tourist to will rise substantially; 2 it is Beijing Olympic Games just ends, place of Olympic Games match will become new sightseeing tourist attraction, the Olympic Games undertakes the city will greet travel height; 3 it is the travel after calamity of shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River restore to enter important period, safe safeguard actuating pressure is greater. Do good “ safety of equipment of special type of 11 ” golden week is censorial the job, market of the safe to ensuring people life property, travel after driving calamity restores, pull move domestic dweller to consume demand to have special sense. Various qualitative inspect branch wants the requirement according to this announcement spirit and local people government, combinative this locality is actual, study deploy in time, arouse constituent force, begin the safe superintend and director that has specific aim to check, safeguard people spends a happy and auspicious red-letter day.

2, clear assignment, implement measure

To ensure safety of equipment of special type of 11 ” golden week runs “ , various the lesson that qualitative inspect branch wants to absorb Shanxi to face library of Fen “9.8” especially big gangue to break through dam accident seriously, celebrate motherland birthday in all with “ , in all success of congratulate Olympic Games, share holiday joy ” to give priority to a line, begin superintend and director of safety of special type equipment to check instantly.
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