Taiyuan Village Earth 2 million units for small heating boilers pollute the atm
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New building blocks of increased shrink a little village, urbanization is sweeping the major cities, Taiyuan is no exception. However, the number of villages in the city of Taiyuan in the end? For "city" of the coverage is different, this figure has not yet been finalized. According to the degree of influence on the urban environment, Urban Environmental Protection Agency to determine the number of villages is 64. Removed last year, after the replacement of more than 8,000 boilers, small boilers in Taiyuan Village of existing soil about 2 million units, each of 14,000 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions in winter (winter in Taiyuan approximately 25% of the total sulfur dioxide emissions), dust emissions 23,000 tons (accounting for dust emissions in winter in Taiyuan 50%). However, the burning soil of small boilers, the majority of villagers in terms of villages, it is quite upset, more and more villagers began to feel the benefits of central heating. "Early in the morning do not add up for the coal boiler to avoid the family confused foul, the key is warming up a lot of home than ever before." Jiancaoping District, the village stream, said a villager surnamed Wang. Last year, the village more than 170 villagers voluntarily removed the boiler house of the soil to achieve the central heating. See good results, the villagers left the village this year unanimously called for centralized heating. Currently, the village has entered the second phase of central heating finishing stage. West flow of villagers are lucky, because the heat source into the city are "scarce resources" to achieve central heating village are extremely limited. "In the central heating or district heating can not be achieved in the case of short-term, Taiyuan, 23 villages in 2009 in replacement of more than 3,400 coal boilers." Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Chen Jiguang said, "We mainly want to solve the coal San burning question, of course, this is only a transitional measure. can not be achieved in the central heating or district heating, we encourage villages to diversify heating. " This year, a number of villages outside the city of Taiyuan start to try something new heating method: Jiancaoping District of concrete used in the processing of the village under the temperature of waste heat, Chen Yaocun methane produced by nearby farms and other new energy technologies for heating, Ying Village, Jinyuan District, major stations, station village for use of gas for regional heating. However, for these clean energy, urban areas of the village can only "fancies." In 2009, in support of the Government Xiaodian, Di Village, more than 1300 million yuan investment, the construction of district heating boiler room, then to achieve a 40 million square meters of heating area. It is understood that the realization of regional heating, not only villages in the city has a huge financial resources, and the village cadres have to focus on practice. In recent years, due to slow transformation of villages in Taiyuan city, village heating, or more reliance on land small boilers, their own money, self-reliant village change the traditional mode of heating very few. Even with the heat source, a number of areas still use traditional boiler heating, such as the dry West Sekimura 3 million square meters, near the riverside village of East of the West ... ... city of 60,000 m2 Heating Company explained that: "due to building density , pipe network transformation is difficult, no heat or Station in the village (neighborhood) committees, funding difficulties, such as multi factors, do not have access to central heating heat conditions. " "Village Boiler most thorough way is to use central heating or district heating." Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of the regional pollution control construction everywhere Sun Star that "of course, to achieve the overall transformation of the relocation, will be the only way to develop the city green." Accelerating the transformation of villages, the very experience of Xi'an reference. In 2008, the city removed 41 to complete the entire village. Currently, the basic form of the "government-led, market operation, removal of the entire village, placed first" Reconstruction of the Village model. "Government-led" is changed to various city access and the good developers, the transformation of villages accurate positioning, unified investment planning, planning and rehabilitation programs, implementation of the demolition, is responsible for placement and move back to the invisible transformation. "Market" is Gequ packaging through careful planning, active investment, business investment and other means to take effective new measures to create "stay providers, security providers, supporting the business" environment to attract developers to create a hot spot, based on "trick Big business, big business move, large investment "to attract strength and good reputation of large real estate enterprises to participate in Reconstruction of the Village. "Removal of the whole village" is a sign of transformation of villages, is a prerequisite for reform, there is no real sense of the village is not removed the renovation. "First placement" means the removal of the entire village, the first construction of resettlement buildings. Reconstruction of the Village, creating a history of Xi'an Urban three "unique": First, the large amount of unique transformation of the demolition; the second floor is the placement of the large amount of unique construction; third is to carry out the resettlement work smoothly unique.