China to build an electric boiler industrys first portal platform for two-way c
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"Recently I often find on the Chinese portal electric boiler electric boiler of the latest product developments and supply of information, because the unit need to purchase a number of new-type oil-water exchange of energy saving dynamic power heating stove, I need to recommend to the leadership The relevant brand and cost-effective products list ", the Beijing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Ruitao Chang Sheng Road, procurement staff, said," In the past there is no comprehensive and on the use of electric boilers website, find the electric boiler in China Portal a little surprised, had not noticed before. " China's gateway to a professional electric boiler electric boiler area proposed to create the industry's first two-way communication network platform for the industry, mainly for there is a demand for electric boilers and electric boiler users enterprise-based e-business models Information, exhibition, products, enterprise, supply and demand, community, and other information It is understood that started in June 2009, the wireless network based on industry portal China Union (, only less than 15 days to complete the basic web site building; As of July 2010, online membership Number exceeded 1000, a large number of electric boilers professional user experience is good. Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Beijing Ruitao Chang Sheng procurement staff feedback, "the Chinese electric boiler through the portal business search function to find the desired supplier, and enter the actual negotiation phase, the portal in China, will be electric boiler Curry also find a lot of members can continue to follow up the Enterprise, an integrated e-commerce site than to find a lot easier. " According to head of an electric boiler portal Zhang said, "In fact, many sites are in the rise of the industry, we are discussing what kind of line network will be users of all ages, we chose the vertical segments portal. "When asked why did she choose this path when the network industry, Zhang said," First, we are good at the breakdown area, because the back door in the electric boiler industry is actually operating an electric boiler equipment production and sales of public Division, has accumulated in this field for many years of industry experience and user-friendly familiarity; Second, the experience of many years of watching from the outside, the electric boiler industry Twice in the absence of professional services platform, we used to use for professional information and Families struggling mind. " Meanwhile, Zhang said: "Of course, to the start of 2010, industry portals market is mature, professional and industry networks to provide Internet services to build and operate the company appears, we selected the wireless network with the Chinese industry portal Network alliance, because of their available technologies, operations, planning and technical capabilities, will we build the industry website provides comprehensive protection, the site only takes two weeks to build cycle, this is not on the traditional establishment of the station to do the basic Too possible. Site on-line, the Chinese industry portals cooperation with the Alliance for the wireless network operator line network services, thanks to the Chinese electric boiler door to rapid growth. " Currently, the breakdown of traditional enterprises to build trade networks had been seriously eroded the market for some Internet companies, Internet companies operating in the sub-networks involved in facing a large number of traditional companies Twice services into line not found Entry point for the industry, but also the lack of help the industry to find a buyer or seller clients the ability to experience compression are inevitable. E-commerce from the previous "large" model to the professional segment of the industry TWICE platform. According to statistics, domestic e-commerce site, a comprehensive e-commerce sites only 3%, while the remaining 97% Are specialization in e-commerce industry website. Specialization of e-business industries tend to have more specific site location, target customers is relatively clear, significant product categories, with channels and professional advantages. Gateway to China as the representative of an electric boiler traditional industry is moving into the network market industry segment, creating the industry network brand, and gradually establish a public image, and the Association of marriage, to create their own industry brands.