Environmental Protection Agency to rectify non-central heating Longyao unit "b
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To ensure the county air quality in winter, Longyao County Council issued under the EPA's "issued in 2010 on the removal of coal-fired boiler dust removal facilities renovation plan and the notice period" does not meet the environmental requirements of the coal-fired boilers, the be dismantled, and do "shift the boiler, chimney floor, water and electricity, clean raw materials." As in November 2010, a total of 12 coal-fired boiler removal, dust removal facilities renovation of 12, go through the EIA procedure 2. Meanwhile, central heating boiler within the region to join the heat pipe network; the absence of central heating units (such as the Public Security Bureau, the Food Bureau, the vocational education center, etc.) Boiler black smoke problem, the Environmental monitoring unit several times to verbal or form of the document to tell, ask these units to replace the coal fired boilers, dust removal facilities renovation period, the replacement of the filter meet the environmental requirements. Nevertheless, individual units boiler "black smoke" phenomenon still exists. Next, we will continue to increase coal-fired boiler pollution control facilities, the daily supervision, increase the monitoring frequency, and radio and television in conjunction with other departments to conduct their TV exposure, reach the environmental requirements of the coal-fired boilers for rectification to ensure that people people have a fresh blue sky.