Henan: Xihua mushroom sterilization using atmospheric pressure boiler
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It is understood that mushroom industry is flourishing Xihua County of Henan Province, in Xihua rapid development of the mushroom industry, farmers in the mushroom production process, a key problem encountered: a large scale, materials and more traditional sterilization tools edible mushroom has been unable to meet the demand for sterilization, sterilization has become a large-scale hinder the development of the local mushroom industry a big problem. It is reported that address this issue, in order to promote the comprehensive upgrade of the local mushroom industry, according to the needs of mushroom production in support of the local government's support for the local mushroom signed 64 contracts boiler pressure sterilization, this machine from the 64 Shenwei Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. XIXIA supply Xixia Shenwei Machinery Co., Ltd. Chairman Wang Siying attaches great importance to the production of 64 boilers, take personal charge of product quality, after a month of heavy production quality and quantity completed, and personally Xihua 64 sent to every household boilers hands.