Administration of pressure conduit safety and censorial regulation
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The pressure conduit inspector that attributes one of following situations, nondestructive detects personnel and solderer, instruct by labor service correct, can be in in order to fine, the clue is serious, but the qualificatory certificate that of short duration is buckled or revoke concerns personnel;

(one) of the mount guard that do not have card;

(2) exceed qualificatory certificate limit to be engaged in pressure conduit examining, solder or nondestructive flaw detection works.

Thirtieth 7 Have one of following cases, instruct its to rectify and reform by labor service, can penalize a fund, the clue is serious but of short duration is buckled or revoke its qualification certificate. The agree that causes pecuniary loss to use unit or other unit carries corresponding economic liability to pay compensation, make crime investigate criminal duty lawfully:

(one) because pressure conduit is designed, make, the reason that installs an unit causes problem of quality of pressure conduit occurrence safety to cause an accident;

(2) because pressure conduit examines,the reason of unit leakage check, bad check, miscarriage of justice produces an accident;

(3) because use unit management,not to be pooh-poohed causes pressure conduit to produce an accident.

Thirtieth 8 Above fines amount each to be carried out by concerned regulation.

The 6th chapter Add Criterion

Thirtieth 9 Set term originally:

(one) etc of the is used at carrying craft medium craft pipeline that industrial conduit department points to to place of enterprise, institution is belonged to, public project conduit assists conduit.

(2) public conduit department points to a city or inside limits of villages and towns use at public utility or conduit of civil conduit burning gas and heating power.
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