Administration of pressure conduit safety and censorial regulation
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(3) long be defeated by conduit department to point to producing area, store the is used at carrying commodity medium pipeline between library, use unit.

The 40th The design that abroad introduces conduit of force of device middling pressure and check and accept the standard that can set by the agreement or standard to carry out, among them main safe technology index must not concern a provision under our country.

The 41st The imports and exports of appearance of the pipe that is used at pressure conduit, pipe fitting, valve, flange, compensator, accessary instrument and safe protector supervises administrative measure, make separately by labor department.

The 42nd Into door (dweller building, court) the safety administration that the life after last valve before uses pipeline burning gas and censorial other guild regulations are decided.

The 43rd This provision applies since July 1, 1996.

Department of labor department labor sent 〔 on April 23, 1996 1996 〕 140

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