Administration of pressure conduit safety and censorial regulation
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The 4th This regulation does not apply to undermentioned conduit:

(one) equipment noumenon place belongs to conduit;

(2) mix on martial equipment, vehicle the conduit in nuclear device;

(3) carry avirulent, cannot light, without caustic gas, diameter of its conduit nominal is less than 150mm, and its are highest the conduit that actuating pressure is less than 1.6MPa;

(4) into door (dweller building, court) the life after last valve before uses conduit burning gas and heating power site (do not contain heating power to nod) the heating power conduit later.

The 5th The design of pressure conduit, make, installation, use, examine and repair transform an unit to must implement this provision.

The design of pressure conduit, make, installation, use, the pressure conduit safety that examine and repairs the director department that transforms an unit to should be in charge of belonging to an enterprise supervises the work.

The 6th Censorial orgnaization is in charge of safety of pressure vessel of labor department boiler safety of countrywide pressure conduit is censorial the job.

The orgnaization with censorial safety of pressure vessel of boiler of person in charge of service of labor of prefectural class above is in charge of the pressure conduit inside area of politics of one's own profession safe and censorial job.

The 2nd chapter Safety administration

The 7th About the director the branch should fulfil obligation:

(one) implement the technical regulations that carries out concerned safety law, code and pressure conduit, standard, build, safety of each pressure conduit manages perfect cadre door system;
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