Administration of pressure conduit safety and censorial regulation
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(2) by concerned compasses methodize authorized cadre door is built, rebuild, design of project of extend pressure plumbing, supervise and urge examination construction quality, organize complete to check and accept;

(3) the annual plan that makes safety of conduit of cadre door pressure manage and extended program, organize and help concerned unit undertake to hidden trouble of pressure conduit grave accident examination, safety is evaluated and rectify and reform, eliminate hidden danger, safeguard is safe;

(4) accident of conduit of pressure of the report when pressing concerned regulation to reach, attend or handle;

(5) inspection of safety of conduit of pressure of door of responsible organization cadre, appraise through comparison and assessment work, commend advanced, summary and experience of work of safety of communication pressure conduit;

(6) the organization studies and the safe science and technology with promotion pressure advanced conduit and safe production manage a method;

(7) begin pressure conduit safety to publicize education to work, those who be in charge of organizing safe to pressure conduit administrator groom;

(8) by conduit of pressure of other of concerned regulation liable safety administration works.

The 8th The pressure conduit security that pressure conduit uses an unit to be in charge of this unit supervises the work, should fulfil the following obligation:

(one) implement the technical regulations that carries out concerned safety law, code and pressure conduit, standard, build, perfect the pressure conduit safety of this unit runs a system;

(2) due full-time or personnel of pluralistic major technology are in charge of pressure conduit safety supervising the work;

(3) the concerned regulation that pressure conduit and its safety establishment must accord with a country;
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