Administration of pressure conduit safety and censorial regulation
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Build, rebuild, when the pressure conduit of extend and its safety establishment do not accord with a country to concern a provision, authority rejects to check and accept;

(4) establish technical record, reach the ground of enterprise seat (city) service of prefectural course work registers class or its precatory;

(5) to pressure conduit operation personnel and pressure conduit check personnel to undertake safe technology grooms;

(6) make pressure conduit regular inspection plan, arrange the accessary instrument appearance, safe protector, fixed desired result that surveys adjusting control plant and overhaul job;

(7) should adopt measure in time to undertake rectifying and reform to accident hidden trouble, grave accident hidden trouble should report with written form provincial above (contain provincial, similarly hereinafter) director branch and service of provincial above labor;

(8) can light to carrying, explode easily or the pressure conduit of poisonous medium should build line of make one's rounds censorship, make meet an urgent need measure and rescuing plan, build team of rush to deal with an emergency according to need, fixed drilling;

(9) work in time to director branch and place according to the facts by concerned regulation accident of conduit of service report pressure, assist do meddlesome reason to investigate genial aftertreatment to work, sum up experience lesson seriously, prevent the happening of the accident;

(10) by concerned regulation safety of conduit of liable other pressure manages.

The 9th Staff of pressure conduit administrator, examination and operation personnel should abide by concerned safety strictly the safe production system of regulations of law, code, technology, standard and enterprise.

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